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Monday, February 02, 2009

Obama to unveil TARP rules first, then bank plan - Reuters
Obama Will Require Banks to Expand Lending -Bloomberg
The 10 people most responsible for the recession - TimesOnline
Investors may be too pessimistic about stocks - MarketWatch
The Shedlock-Schiff Affair: A Chronicle - Seeking Alpha
Peter Schiff makes a defence - FT Alphaville
John Paulson’s Funds Shine in the Gloom - NY Times Dealbook
Why Are Gold and the Dollar Running Together? - Seeking Alpha

Oil Falls on Concern Economic Slump Will Hurt Demand - Bloomberg
Gold slips, but financial fears buoy sentiment - Reuters
When the next bull market is coming - MarketWatch
Natural gas glut could hit U.S. - Houston Chronicle
Gold Rises as Equities Tumble; Where's It Heading? - Seeking Alpha
Field Day For Short-Sellers - Forbes
The End of Gold, Part Two - Seeking Alpha

Consumer spending falls again, savings up - Reuters
Senate Republicans square off against stimulus bill - LA Times
Americans' saving more, spending less - AP
California jobless benefit appeals pile up - LA Times
The GDP Deflator Takes a Hit - Hussman Funds

Corporate gloom hits Tokyo shares - BBC
Euro manufacturing shrinks, Korean exports slump - Reuters
Japan’s Economy Is Killing Far Too Many Japanese - Bloomberg
Hitachi shares plunge 17 percent on record loss warning - Reuters
Joblessness Jumps Sharply Among China’s Migrants - NY Times
Finding the Man Who Started the Global Recession - Time
Manufacturing downturn slows but jobs shed at record rate - Telegraph
As Economy Sinks, Russians Protest - NY Times

Give bankruptcy judges a chance to fix home loans - LA Times
Is Getting Someone to Buy a Home Worth 5 Kid Years of Health Care? - Beat the Press
L.A.'s Westside succumbs as housing goes south - LA Times
DEAL OF THE WEEK: House sells at 69 percent discount - North County Times

Risks Are Vast in Revaluation of Assets - NY Times
How the U.S. Government Is Footing the Stimulus Bill - Seeking Alpha
Enjoy Stimulus Now, Pay Your $14,000 Share Later - Bloomberg

Ads That Pushed Our Usual (Well-Worn) Buttons - NY Times
Folding dealers shock car buyers with unpaid liens - AP
China birth defects 'up sharply' - BBC
Two children should be limit, says green guru - Times Online

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