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Monday, February 09, 2009

Stimulus Pitch Absorbs Agenda - Washington Post
U.S. Delays Finance Plan as Officials Debate Debt - Bloomberg
Nissan forecasts annual loss, to cut 20,000 jobs - Reuters
GM, Chrysler May Get Bankruptcy to Protect U.S. Loans - Bloomberg
Fed Lacks Consensus on Treasuries as Yields Rise - Bloomberg
Bond market calls Fed's bluff as global economy falls apart - Telegraph
The Government Finance Bubble - Noland, Prudent Bear
Plunder and Blunder; How the 'Financial Experts' Keep Screwing You - Alternet

Crude Oil Rises on Speculation of Revived Demand - Bloomberg
Gold slips to $900, awaits U.S. stimulus package - Reuters
Iron Ore Rebounding as Vale, BHP Face Cuts - Bloomberg
Four ways you can shore up your retirement nest egg - MarketWatch
U.S. gasoline prices rise again on consumer demand - Reuters
'Paper gold market will crash at Comex' - Commodity Online
Authors trace meltdown to greed, blind faith in markets - USA Today

President seeks grass-roots support for stimulus - AP
Retail sales heading for yet another decline - MarketWatch
Recession sending more students to comm. colleges - AP
Ghost Malls - Coming to Your Town - Prudent Bear
Ballmer Expects "A Fundamental Economic Reset” - SVI

Japan’s Machinery Orders Slide as Exports Collapse - Bloomberg
Crisis leaves single European banking system 'untenable', FSA says - Telegraph
House prices have much further to fall and that is no bad thing - Telegraph
Russian central bank 'is failing to stop decline' - Guardian
Our economy is being held to ransom by deflation fear - Telegraph
Vietnam Delays Personal Income Tax Collection to Spur Spending - Bloomberg
Flawed model 'blinded' King to credit crisis - Guardian
S. Korea Banks’ Ratings Cut on Government Dependency - Bloomberg

There is No Substitute for Mortgage Debt Restructuring - Hussman Funds
Tax credit won't help low-income home buyers, experts say - LA Times
Fannie, Freddie to channel mortgage rescue - Reuters
A Housing Thought Experiment - Seeking Alpha
Zillow Turns 3! - ZillowBlog
Commercial Real Estate Bubble Is Set to Burst - Seeking Alpha

U.S. Taxpayers Risk $9.7T on Bailouts as Senate Votes - Bloomberg
No such thing as a Treasury bond bubble - Janszen, iTulip
Central Banks Sacrifice Independence as Crisis Grows - Bloomberg
Treasury delays bank bailout announcement - Reuters
The Insolvency of the Fed - Mises

Rush Limbaugh Is Less Popular Than Jeremiah Wright - Alternet
Some viewers untying themselves from cable TV - MSNBC

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