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Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama Bank Nationalization Is Focus of Speculation - Bloomberg
Obama stressing fiscal responsibility on budget - AP
Treasury considers GM and Chrysler funding options - Reuters
What next for the price of gold? - Telegraph
As Doubts Grow, U.S. Will Judge Banks’ Stability - NY Times
Philadelphia papers owner files for bankruptcy protection - Reuters
California, once a dream state, strives to get back its groove - CSM
Hey, GM: Can I retire at 48, too? - MSNBC

Oil rises on views US may step up banks rescue - AP
Gold eyes new high above $1,000/oz as turmoil rages - Reuters
S&P 500 is at risk of hitting a new low as angst persists - USA Today
Dividends Falling Means S&P 500 Is Still Expensive - Bloomberg
Regulators: Commodity market Ponzi schemes on the rise - Chicago Tribune
5 steps to rescue your retirement - CNN/Money

U.S. economy seen starting recovery in second half of '09 - Reuters
Americans Would Be Lucky to Mimic 1990s Japan - Bloomberg
Economy Needs Coordination, Not Government Money - Hussman Funds
Some states may shun stimulus funds - CSM
Obama’s Stimulus Package Forgets Your Net Worth - Bloomberg

World's economies tumbling like dominoes - MSNBC
The country's top executives see dark days ahead - Globe & Mail
Germany's Faustian bargain that created monetary union? - Telegraph
Beijing Auto mum on report it may bid for Chrysler - AP
Japan lender files for bankruptcy - BBC
EU agrees hedge fund controls - Telegraph
European officials go wild with new car incentives for buyers - USA Today
China Bought Almost Half Australia’s Mineral Exports - Bloomberg

Housing secretary defends Obama foreclosure plan - CNN
Few in Bay Area qualify in housing rescue plan - SF Gate
Responsible Home Buyers, Why Be Frugal? - newgeography
Housing Crisis Moves Beyond Subprime Borrowers - Time

U.S. may up stake in Citi: source - Reuters
Bernanke to reassure help is coming for economy - Reuters
Court Enforces FOIA Request to Release TARP Details - YMOYL
Hillary Clinton pleads with China to buy Treasuries - Telegraph
Maybe the meltdown wasn't what you think - MarketWatch

How Consumers Shop Differently Today - Time
Queen's question about credit crunch has not been answered - Telegraph
Audio slideshow: The road to Hooverville - BBC


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