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Paul: Only 5 copies of stimulus bill available

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) tells CNN that only five hard copies of the mammoth economic stimulus bill were available for review and that his fellow Republicans would have been better served if they had developed their fiscal prudence eight years ago.


Anonymous said...

Since, the Obama Plan is doomed to fail ...

What the government SHOULD do:

1) Go back on a 100% gold standard, immediately.
2) Abolish all taxes on income and property at all levels of government.
3) Institute a 10% national sales tax to be shared by all levels of government: Federal, State and Local. Make 10% the maximum allowed under the constitution.
4) Prohibit deficit spending and prohibit all borrowing by government at all levels: Federal, State and Local.
5) Bring US troops home from around the world and shrink the military.
6) End all subsidies for business.
7) End all subsidies for transportation and energy use.
8.) Abolish social security, with apologies, for everyone under age 55.
9) Raise the retirement age to 72 for those between 55 and 64.
10) Use government assets to fund S.S. payments to those who are currently collecting. Privatize the fund. Then end Government payments into the fund.
11) Set a pay cap for government employees at the median level for full time workers in the US.
12) Set the same cap for members of Congress and the President and all their staff members.
13) Slash retirement benefits for Congress and former Presidents and other public officials.
14) Abolish all victimless crime laws and pardon those convicted.
15) Require that all spending and tax legislation get a 2/3 majority to pass Congress.

This is a short list of a few steps we need to take immediately if we really want to save the US economy and turn things around. This would be reasonable for Obama's first 100 days if he really wants to change and fix things. More radical steps could then be implemented throughout his 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Campaign to Cancel the Washington National Debt By Constitutional Amendment Begins in the U.S.
See the following URL for more information:

It is time to give up on Congress already controlled by the special banking and Wall Street elites who pushed the debt to unsustainable levels against the will of the American people and then bailed themselves out with trillions of dollars in more national debt on this and future generations. The only way to control and cancel much of the Washington government debt is to pass “The Washington National Debt Constitutional Amendment” in 2/3 of the states and repudiate much of the Washington treasury debt before it bankrupts every private American citizen.
The Campaign will bypass a corrupt Congress and the leadership of both political parties often controlled by special interests at the national level and seek a debt solution through the constitutional amendment process starting at the state level which will repudiate any Treasury debt issued or rolled over after the deadline of 12/22/2013, exactly 100 years after the establishment of the Federal Reserve System. We fear the massive increase in the level of indebtedness due to the meltdown and depression will first bring down the Treasury market followed by the US dollar and this will destroy the American economy for years to come.
America is living with a financial threat much like people living below a dam which is about to burst. Should we take control of the situation and release the water pressure on the dam with a controlled release at the time of our choosing after the threatened population have moved everything of value out of the flood path or wait until the structure collapses and the flood washes away everything of value.

More information will be announced soon!

Adamgv said...
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Nostradamus, apparently said...

FWIW, I support and would vote for anonymous #1's laundry list of 15 items we need to do.

It's simply amazing to me that ordinary people on a web blog have a better understanding of the solutions than all the supposed 'leaders' and PhDs running around Washington.

At some point, some people won't take this crap any longer. Some of those people have guns.

Sadly, we need the right to own guns. It's not about protection from criminals nearly as much as it's about protection from our own government.

I'm not even a gun owner but I completely understand the need for the 2nd amendment.

We need more people like anonymous #1 here who has a clear vision and will plainly speak his/her mind.

Thanks for sharing!

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