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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Clinton urges China to keep buying Treasury bonds - AP
Soros sees no bottom for world financial "collapse" - Reuters
U.S. bank stress tests to show capital needs: source - Reuters
Stimulus may be just the first chapter - LA Times
Journal Register files for bankruptcy protection - AP
Madoff Left No Sign of Trades Reported to Clients - Bloomberg
Governors unlikely to turn down stimulus funds - Reuters
Gold fever sweeps suburbia - LA Times

Bear Market's Bite Could Go Deeper - Washington Post
‘Dow Theory’ Says Worst Isn’t Over for Stocks - Bloomberg
The Index Funds Win Again - NY Times
On Wall Street, sky-high payouts may fall to Earth - AP
Natural Gas Production Seen Sliding for 4 Years - Bloomberg
Investors' search for safety yields hazards - LA Times

Preview: Home Sales, Durable Goods Probably Fell - Bloomberg
Can Talk of a Depression Lead to One? - NY Times
Unemployment insurance: A guide - LA Times
When Consumers Cut Back: A Lesson From Japan - NY Times
Car dealers fear state tax increases will slow sales - LA Times

Asia Agrees on Expanded $120 Billion Currency Pool - Bloomberg
Japan bears brunt of global economic crisis - AFP
China, taking advantage of global recession, goes on a buying spree - CSM
Beijing's Olympic building boom becomes a bust - LA Times
German officials: EU backs financial regulation - AP
Total, the French Oil Company, Places Its Bets Globally - NY Times
Russians Retrench, Evoking Memories of 1998 ‘Nightmare’ - Bloomberg

Housing relief becomes a fence between neighbors - LA Times
Battered market forces families, friends to stay under one roof -
Bailout will have muted effect locally, analysts say - North County Times
Foreclosure market offers bargains for savvy buyers - Chicago Sun Times

Lawmakers Clash Over Nationalizing Banks - Bloomberg
President Obama's budget will seek to cut deficit in half - LA Times
Too Much Optimism at the Fed - Norris, NY Times
Growing Worry on Rescue Takes a Toll on Banks - NY Times

Golf Recession Strikes Ireland, Scotland as Clubs Shed Workers - Bloomberg
Severe Drought Adds to Hardships in California - NY Times
A tense countdown to passage of California's budget - LA Times


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