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Thursday, February 19, 2009

U.S. Jobless Benefit Rolls Reach Record 4.99 Million - Bloomberg
Pitched battle for one vote that would pass budget - LA Times
GM debt mountain looms as key talks heat up - Reuters
Fed says US economy will get worse in 2009 - AP
Obama’s Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan - Blown Mortgage
UBS to pay $780M, open secret Swiss bank records - AP
Mortgage help: Do you qualify? - CNN/Money

Gold eases on profit-taking but gains expected - Reuters
Oil up ahead of supply report - CNN/Money
Look to Junior Miners as Gold Feeding Frenzy Ensues - Seeking Alpha
Hundreds seek their money as Stanford fallout spreads - Reuters
Gold Set to Rise Even Higher - Seeking Alpha
Gold: The Only Remaining Bubble? - Seeking Alpha

January producer prices rise 0.8 percent - Reuters
627K new jobless claims; continuing claims near 5M - AP
Auto bailout tab could top $130 billion - CNN/Money
Food makers try to hold prices as retailers push back - Reuters
Housing starts plunge nearly 17% to recpord low - MarketWatch
Industrial production sinks 1.8% - CNN/Money

UK public finances deteriorate dramatically in January - Telegraph
Chinese Firms Turn to Pawn Shops as Loans Dry Up - CNBC
Ukraine must be rescued from tragi-comedy for Europe's sake - Telegraph
BOE Unanimously Asks For Authority to Create Money - Bloomberg
China's financial clout locks in energy supplies - AP
Asia’s jobless may hit 23.3m in 2009 - Financial Times
EU: stimulus plans leaving big budget gaps - NY Times

Obama's mortgage plan up against fast-rising defaults - LA Times
Homeowners Facing Foreclosure Just Want to be Heard - Zillow Blog
Obama throws $75 billion lifeline to homeowners - AP
California leading country in loss of home values - LA Land
Another First: -60% - Sacramento Landing

Fed Signals Resolve to Head Off Inflation Amid Fiscal Stimulus - Bloomberg
Fed sees US contraction, moves toward inflation goal - AP
Bank of New York Mellon CEO Opposes Limits on Bonuses - Bloomberg
Fed not stoking inflation, Bernanke says - MarketWatch

Prominent Oppenheimer bank analyst Whitney resigns - Reuters
Teens Crank Up iPod Volume, Risk Hearing Damage - LiveScience


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