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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

AIG in talks with U.S. government, sees $60B loss - Reuters
FDIC: 'Stress test' will determine banks' health - AP
Hairy Lips Sink Ships - Gross, Pimco
U.S. Is Pressed to Add Billions to Bailouts - NY Times
Fed turns to the Web to explain new policy tools - MarketWatch
JPMorgan slashes dividend to 5 cents - CNN/Money
Road to Ruin: Final stretch - iTulip
The Abyss Stares Back - Kunstler, CFN

Gold Declines on Signs Investment Demand Is Slowing - Bloomberg
Oil falls near $38, following stock markets down - AP
Prechter Advises ‘Closing Shorts’ on U.S. Stocks - Bloomberg
This might be first genuine bear market in three decades - MarketWatch
Indians Are Selling Gold - Is Their Thinking Right? - Seeking Alpha
Retirement reform: what’s on your wish list? - CNN/Money
Phoenix Silver Summit 2009 - Butler, Investment Rarities

The economy's worst may be past - MarketWatch
The Economy: Why it feels even worse - CNN/Money
13 'tipping points' to the brink of Depression - MarketWatch
U-Pick ‘Em?! - Saut, Raymond James
'There will be blood' - Globe & Mail

Stocks in Europe, Asia Decline; MSCI World Falls for 11th Day - Bloomberg
Dollar Is Best Looker in Ugly-Currency Parade - Bloomberg
Crisis Prompts Calls to Boost IMF Reserves - Washington Post
As It Falters, Eastern Europe Raises Risks - NY Times
Europe's Twin Messages: Spend! Stop Spending! - Time
German Business Confidence Declined in February - Bloomberg
Swiss try to block US moves to end banking secrecy - Guardian
India's Top Automaker Tata Motors Hits A Rough Patch - Time

December Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Fall 18.5% From Year Ago - Bloomberg
State foreclosure moratorium has wide loopholes - SF Gate
Back to the future with real estate prices -
Economist: Vegas housing market to recover in 2010 - Las Vegas Sun
Lots of economic reports important to housing coming today - Washington Post
Realty Trac VP: 70% Of All Foreclosures Not Shown On MLS! - Rock Trueblood

Fed's Balance Sheet Strategy to Support Qualitative Easing - Jesse's Cafe
A mission to save a profligate nation - Financial Times
Fed's Lockhart: Losing sleep on commercial property - Reuters
Fisher backs Fed purchases of long-term securities - MarketWatch

Will the Recession Doom the Last Sunday Blue Laws? - AP
Three tips to make sure your home equity line isn't cut - MarketWatch
Microsoft drops payback demand on ex-workers - AP


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