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"We can't reinflate the bubble"

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here's Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) from yesterday's monetary policy testimony before the House Committee on Financial Services. Talk about cognitive dissonance...

Part two is below:

This was also posted yesterday at YouTube - Dr. Paul's lonely campaign to "End the Fed" which is greeted with an even higher degree of cognitive dissonance.


UPDATE: 02/26/09 7:10 PST

Here's a longer clip of the first video above from CNBC with some interesting commentary at about the 2:15 mark after Dr. Paul concludes:

Courtesy of the LRC Blog.


Nostradamus, apparently said...

Someone here recently commented that Ron Paul has some good ideas but doesn't really understand the current financial crisis.

It's very hard for me to see how anyone can say that after listening to him over the years.

To me, it's laughable for some anonymous blog commenter to imply that s/he knows more about the American economy than Ron Paul.

I listen to Ron Paul and, each time, I come away thinking that he is the ONLY person of any significance who actually understands the problems and proposes tough, but workable solutions.

He points out that credit isn't capital. Can anyone truly disagree with that?

He points out that Greenspan merely re-inflated the tech bubble in 2000 by lowering rates dramatically. After all that's happened, is anyone going to truly disagree with that?

He carefully defines inflation as too much money. What's wrong with that as long as he is careful to define it?

He noted that the 9/11 terror attacks were 'blowback' and Giuliani says he's never even heard of that. WTF? The mayor of the city that was hammered hasn't even heard of the CIA's theory? Is Giuliani lying or just a total moron?

I'm not claiming that Ron Paul is Jesus or infallible. He's just a damn sight better than the alternatives out there for those of us who want the truth and some common sense injected into our government.

I'm not even a Libertarian and I can easily accept the truth of what Ron Paul keeps saying.

There are no magic solutions. Socialism and communism are options but they require repealing the Constitution. Personally, I'm not interested in that. But, shouldn't we at least vote on that before we do it?

Anonymous said...

he needs to come home to texas and run for governor and quit wasting time in washington dc. sometimes it is necessary to make a tactical withdrawal. this is the time. the capital is lost now and never will be regained until much blood is shed. it is our fault really. we allowed this to happen. we looked the other way while evil men did what they do best. the high places must be torn down and must be burned. the traitors must be tried and hung. this nation must return to its racial roots.....

Nostradamus, apparently said...

anonymous 754

You had me until the 'racial roots' part. Maybe I'm misinterpreting that...

To me, race has almost nothing to do with the financial mess. Maybe you know differently, but I'm unaware that more people of some race are causing the housing mess, for example, than people of some other race.

I judge people by their actions and nothing else. If someone is smart and makes good decisions, has good character, etc., etc., they're welcome here and should be encouraged. That's it.

I don't care in the least what race they are.

Maybe I'm missing your point completely so I'll leave it at that...

Evan said...

I saw this CNBC clip live and wondered about Mark Haines's slip up when he said "We'll be back when something really substandard is happening." Perhaps he means substantial, but I think substandard is the correct word.

Joe said...

I believe he said "substantive."

Chuck Ponzi said...


Funny, when I first read it, I read "Radical roots". When I saw your comment I went back and reread it.

Perhaps it was intended to be radical roots, and then it fits much more with the context of the comment.

Nostradamus, apparently said...


Good point!

I just couldn't seem to make it fit but your idea is perfect.

That's probably it.

I sure hope so...

Evan said...


Then I guess he just had the emPHAsis on the wrong sylLAble. "We'll come back when there's something more subSTANtive..." I've always heard it pronounced "SUBstantive..." as in referring to "SUBstance" ... but now we'll never know because "the video is no longer available."


Anonymous said...


race has everything to do with what is going on in this world. let me ask you a question. what is the racial makeup of this country now? after answering that easy question, maybe you can tell me who the hell do you think you will fighting when the shtf? the government useful idiots? hardly. maybe they will be one of the many potential targets of opportunity. no, unfortunately, due to the many races of people here now, if the stuff does hit the fan and a rebellion starts, the many races will be pulling in their own directions. this was all planned from the start. why do you think the powers that be,(whoever they are) allowed unbridled immigration for all these many years and did almost nothing to stop it? you know why? because when a nation is made up of many races, it becomes weak and fractured with many voices yelling and no single mindset. yes this is the way it is here now. if you don't believe me, ask the guy who runs this blog. let him tell you what has happened to california in the last 30 or so years. go ahead and ask him why he is moving to oregon? why do californians leave california? it is simple. because california is a cesspool of political correctness and cultural marxism and is a perfect example of why race is the common denominator. no sir, in the end times of what is left of this country, you sir, will go with people of your race. for those who dare to believe, i will say this. this nation was a white eurorpean nation at one time and in order to be strong again, it must return to its racial roots. this will require some work. the mexicans must return to their lands. without question, this must happen or this nation will die from a thousand cuts. some say it is too late now. perhaps it is. perhaps we will devolve into a land of walled compounds , living on subsistance farming and whwtever else we can find. who knows. but the time of the united states as being a nation of leadership in this world is over and this was done on purpose to make ready for the new world order, that will have its capital in jerusalem. does that come as any surprise? not to anyone with half a brain and the willingness to examine things as they are and not as they want them to be. tell you what Nostradamus. the next time you have some spare time on your hands, turn on the cable jew toob some night and watch some prison show from san quentin prison and watch how the races behave in there. they seperate and stay with their own. this is real life sir, not some social economic experiment. this is the way people are. you must know this. you must relearn this. you must forget the bullshit strength through diveristy politically correct ideologies that you have been force fed most of your life and realize, this world as we have known it is coming to a end and soon enough and many of us will have to relearn the way of our fathers, one more time, or else perish.......your witness counselor...

Anonymous said...

Easy to tell the politicians in the Feds pocket. They all get up to leave or don't pay attention to Dr. Paul. This country is screwed and someday we will realize that the true patriots were people like Paul.

Nostradamus, apparently said...


After reading Anonymous 7:20's most recent comments, I'm guessing your incredibly clever interpretation of the word 'racial' in his earlier post was wrong...

little larry sellers said...


USA's racial roots = Native Americans

Boy are you going to be disappointed when you find out what color our central bankers, Treasury secretaries, and Wall Street crooks are and have been.

FWIW, I think this ties in nicely with the Kunstler related post from yesterday. Anon would benefit from reading not only that article, but many of the comments as well.

Nostradamus, apparently said...

I guess the term 'racial roots' refers to Western Europeans who settled what we now call America around 1600 and later?

I guess the argument is that a society is more stable and, hence, 'better' if it is made up of only one race of people. The argument would be that this promotes social harmony which leads to peace and prosperity.

I'm not enough of a historian or sociologist or whatever to debate that. Maybe it's true. I really don't know.

I live based on my own personal experiences. I don't have problems with people based on race. I don't give a crap about your race. I care whether you are honest, competent, reliable, etc.

Unlike some people, I guess, I'm just looking for results. It seems odd to me, since I suffer from Asperger's Syndrome, to think any other way than logically. Kind of like Spock.

It also seems odd to me to base your view of the world on how a group of criminals behave when locked up together.

I can think of any number of reasons for their acting in ways that are less than ideal from a social harmony stand point.

But, again, I'm probably looking at it all wrong since I'm being logical...

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