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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

GM Seeks Up to $16.6B in Aid, Plans 47,000 Job Cuts - Bloomberg
GM, Chrysler seek billions more, to cut more jobs - AP
China Urges U.S., Europe to Protect Value of Debt - Bloomberg
Still searching for the bottom - MarketWatch
Trump's "golden" image on trial after bankruptcy - Reuters
Foreign Demand for U.S. Long-Term Assets Increases - Bloomberg
U.S. charges Allen Stanford with "massive" fraud - Reuters

Oil stays below $35 after big drop overnight - AP
Safe-haven gold sparkles as bourses keep sinking - BusinessDay
Asian Stocks Decline for Third Day as Recession Deepens - Bloomberg
Berkshire portfolio down 25% - CNN/Money
Hedge-Fund Firms Pressed to Consolidate - Bloomberg
As prices slump, Nymex oil seen losing relevance - MarketWatch

Recession will be worst since 1930s, Greenspan says - Reuters
Obama signs huge stimulus, readies foreclosure aid - AP
A Painful Departure for Some G.M. Brands - NY Times
Builders' confidence inches higher - MarketWatch

Gold hits record against euro on fear of bank crisis - Telegraph
RBS to pay £950m in bonuses - FT Alphaville
U.S.-China stuck in Groundhog Day? - MarketWatch
Japan Economy Goes From Best to Worst - Bloomberg
Eastern Europe fuels rush for safety - FT Alphaville
Steinbrueck Says Euro States May Bail Out Members - Bloomberg

Obama Housing Plan to Cut Mortgage Payments - Bloomberg
Want 1 O.C. home or 2.7 typical U.S. houses? - O.C. Register
Fighting foreclosures with paperwork - LA Land
Should Obama slash debt of struggling homeowners? - O.C. Register

Greenspan backs bank nationalisation - FT Alphaville
Fed Should Expand Supply of Money, Bullard Says - Bloomberg
Fed: Deflation now a key risk - MarketWatch

Starbucks to offer instant coffee - CNN/Money
Woman uses wedgie to capture suspected thief - AP



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