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Friday, March 06, 2009

Employers Cut 651,000 Jobs; Unemployment Rose to 8.1% - Bloomberg
Time is ‘running out’ to save US automakers - CSM
Undisclosed losses at Merrill Lynch lead to a trading inquiry - IHT
Two-Thirds of Chinese Economists Favor Gold Over US Bonds - China Stakes
U.S. to invite wealthy to invest in bailout - Reuters
The U.S. Financial System Is Effectively Insolvent - Forbes
Buttonwood: The grand illusion - Economist
Central banks look again at bullion sales pact - Financial Times

Gold up on flight to safety, SPDR stays at record - Reuters
Oil rises above $44 despite grim US corporate news - AP
A change in newsletters' long-term rankings - MarketWatch
The stock market's historically bad run - Curious Capitalist
Stockmarkets and dividends: Slash and burn - Economist
Gold fails to glitter on India wedding season - Commodity Online

Payrolls sink 651,000, jobless rate soars to 8.1% - MarketWatch
Workers clobbered by relentless layoffs - AP
Bay Area unemployment jumps higher - SF Gate
GM pensions: who's responsible? - Globe & Mail
Factory orders fall for sixth straight month - MarketWatch

BOE’s King ‘Groping in the Dark’ as U.K. Prints Money - Bloomberg
Monetary policy takes effect, adjustment possible - CHINADaily
Rush to buy government bonds - Guardian
Zhou Pledges Fast, Heavy-handed Policies - Bloomberg
Q&A: How will quantitative easing affect me? - Times Online
Japan's slump tests faith in the resilience of stocks - IHT
Wen boosts spending without adding to stimulus package - Guardian
Bankers: Scapegoat millionaire - Economist

Most foreclosures pack into a few counties - USA Today
RE experts: Investment opportunities on horizon - Jacksonville Biz
Low Prices Aren't Luring Homebuyers -
Job losses add to home foreclosures - Oregon Live

Fed official sees late-year recovery - Reuters
Senators Ask Who Got Money From A.I.G. - NY Times
Treasury secretary's choice for deputy withdraws - AP
Frank Seeks to Curb ‘Phenomenon of Securitization’ - Bloomberg

Craigslist sued over erotic-services ads - SF Gate
Is Europe Falling Out of Love with Obama? - Time
World's heaviest man gets a lift in custom van - AP


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