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It's Bend! Oregon!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Well, we're not going there to look for a job, and that's probably a good thing given the story below from the local paper, but we have decided to go give Bend, Oregon a try rather than other parts of the state or areas in Washington as discussed over the last few months.

Thanks again everyone for helping out in this decision. We'll be renting for a while, so it's anything but a permanent change - of all the places we looked, we liked Bend the best.

Mostly, it had to do with the winter weather (sunnier but colder versus gloomier and wetter) and the size of the town (big enough for all the good shopping, dining, etc. but with no freeway running through it).

The local real estate market offers some fantastic bargains on rentals and home prices appear to be in a virtual free-fall at the moment with lots of home built in 2004-2007 now going back to the bank faster than they know what to do with them.

Of course, the outdoor activities are why people go there and we'll be sure to take advantage of all of them - we might even take up fly-fishing.


UPDATE: Wednesday, March 4th, 9:25 PST

In no particular order, a few of the most important pros and cons about the Bend area that are specific to our situation (e.g., things like the local job market and being so far from the ocean are just not that important to us):

- Moderate summer temperatures
- Outdoor activities - hiking, camping, winter sports, golf
- Shopping and restaurants
- Not too big of a town (~80,000)
- Good selection of rental and foreclosed housing

- Cold winters
- A little more isolated
- May be hit hard during this recession


Anonymous said...

would you mind posting the pros and cons of the places you looked at if you have a chance to?

Nick said...

I'd also be interested in the pros/cons.

In addition, I'm curious on your thoughts on the local city economy (ie: how are the revenues doing), and thoughts on living in a state which is unfriendly to businesses. How much do you think either/both of those factors will affect you, or is it not a concern?

GrumpyGeek said...

Another vote for pro/cons!

Do you have any worries about appearing to be 'carpetbaggers' from CA?

Maureen said...

Congrats on your new home!

Quick advice - ditch the California plates ASAP, forget how to pump your own gas, it's pronounced "ory-gun" not "or-A- gone" and when you take the driving test, remember: when turning left from a two-way street to a one-way street, it's LEGAL to turn left on a red light. (It's true, check the driver's handbook.)

-- Mrs. Marku
(PS: if you stop by to visit us - just before Crater Lake exit on Hwy 97 - it makes the trip north a business expense.

tim said...

There are plenty of people moving out to make room for you. :-)

See ya around.

MissTrade said...


Glad you decided to make the move and as always, when you guys come, I am happy to share my 9 years of experience here in Bend with you. Looking forward to lunches and long talks about our favorite bumbling Fed chairman!


Anonymous said...

Congrads. We're in the process of moving to the Coos Bay area. Half the family is already up there - I'm still in phnx waiting for daughter to finish her AA this semester - they are loving it. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

bend oregon. oh let's see. fresh air, good water. not as much traffic,........ah yes the good life.

oh but wait a minute. are you downwind from the nerve gas depot or the nuclear waste dumps?

gads, i forgot to ask you about that.

Tim said...

I've added a few pros and cons about Bend for our particular situation. I don't know if I've covered everything, but the most important ones are there - in the end, it came down to the weather.

Maureen said...

Roundabouts have been slow to catch on in Oregon, but Bend has a few - the more amazing thing is that they are, for the most part, real roundabouts. In the Portland area, the roundabouts have stop signs at all the entrances, making them glorified 4-way stops.

Anonymous said...

Bend has 21 roundabouts with more planned.

Kevin said...

congrats on your decision to move to Bend! Must feel great to know the next leg of your journey. Looking forward to hearing how you like your new home.


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