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Monday, March 23, 2009

US unveils $500 bln clean-out of toxic bank assets - AFP
U.S. lays out plan to attract buyers for toxic debt - Reuters
ING Seeks Return of Bonuses to Ease Taxpayer Anger - Bloomberg
AIG rivals met Bernanke to complain - Reuters
Putting off Hard Choices with Easy Money - Hussman Funds
The Big Takeover - Rolling Stone
In credit drought, U.S. car dealers battle to survive - Reuters
Japan's business sentiment deteriorates - MarketWatch

Oil climbs past $52 on stock market rally - AP
Gold May Rise on Demand for Dollar Alternative - Bloomberg
Bernanke’s Deflation Jihad May Trample Traders - Bloomberg
Central bank moves to boost U.S. and UK stocks vs Europe - Reuters
Hellman & Friedman to buy Barclays iShares unit - MarketWatch
UK Oil, Gas Exploration Faces Collapse - FXStreet

U.S. shoppers likely to remain frugal - Reuters
As bankruptcy filings mount, attention turns to reform - USA Today
In credit drought, U.S. car dealers battle to survive - Reuters
GOP predicts doomsday if Obama budget passed - AP
Economic Dirty Bomb Goes Off in New York - TomDispatch

The World's Cheapest Car Debuts in India - Time
Japan finance minister: Much more stimulus needed - MarketWatch
Public sector debt 'to hit £180bn' in UK, experts warn - Daily Mail
Trade Barriers Rise as the Recession’s Grip Tightens - NY Times
Abu Dhabi to buy big piece of Daimler - MarketWatch
Why the Norwegian Krone is the World's Safest Currency - Time
World economy 'to shrink in 2009' - BBC
Fed Monetized Debt When Foreign Debt Holders Stop Buying - Geldpress

Million-dollar homes 6 times harder to sell - O.C. Register
Spring Has Realtors Hoping For Housing Market Thaw -
Defaulting Commercial Properties Hit Banks - Bloomberg
Short sales, slow sales - MarketWatch

Treasury Announces $1 Trillion Toxic-Debt Plan - Bloomberg
Geithner's Bank Plan: Winners And Losers - Forbes
Is Obama Running Interference to Protect Bankers’ Pay? - Option Armageddon
Treasury's toxic asset plan could cost $1 trillion - AP

Half of us have one month of cash cushion if laid off - Seattle Times
Hedge-Fund Investors Hire Private Eyes to Avoid New Madoffs - Bloomberg
AIG starts makeover, changes sign at NY office - Reuters


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