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My financial crisis playing cards are here!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My set of "Financial Crisis Playing Cards - Most Wanted" came in the mail today. When you do what I do, people send you stuff like this for free which, actually, is kind of neat.
To get your own you'll have to go to this website.

Below are a couple of the face cards from the real estate industry.
IMAGE These would go very nicely on dart boards, so, if you place an order (only $6 each), you might want to get an extra deck.


baddriver said...

I thought they all were jokers

norcal steve said...

Shouldn't Greenspan be the Ace of Spades? I think he caused more problems than Madoff.

dearieme said...

Madoff looks very 18th Century in that photo. What's the opposite of a Founding Father?

Becky said...

I just found your blog after Googling Greenspan who hasn't been given proper credit for his hand in this financial disaster. Your site came up but not nearly enough news articles IMO. Hope you get some credit for having it right all along and before others even noticed!

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