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Sunday, March 01, 2009

AIG near deal on new terms of bailout - Reuters
In Letter, Warren Buffett Concedes a Tough Year - NY Times
Abu Dhabi reviewing its Citigroup investment - Reuters
Regulators shutter 2 more banks - CNN/Money
Obama urges passage of $3.6 trillion budget - MarketWatch
Louisiana bank is first to return TARP funds - CNN/Money
California paid for top officials' free rides - LA Times
Propping Up a House of Cards - NY Times

Buffett: Oil Will Rise, He Made ‘Mistake’ on ConocoPhillips - Bloomberg
India gold buyers put off by firm prices -
To forecast or not to forecast? - Economist
Buffett's paper losses pile up - Fortune
S&P 500 finishes at worst level since 1996 - MarketWatch
Haring away - Economist

Economic Calendar - MarketWatch
Buffett says economy in shambles - Bloomberg
In one town, recession helps bridge cultural rift - CNN/Money
Atlas felt a sense of déjà vu - Economist
UMich consumer sentiment falls in February - MarketWatch

Wen warns economic crisis spreading in China - AP
EU’s Eastern States Plead for Aid - Bloomberg
The bill that could break up Europe - Economist
UBS needs 2-3 years for sustainable profit - Reuters
Ireland’s Cowen Plans Radical Overhaul of Banking - Bloomberg
Hungary warns of new economic 'Iron Curtain' - AP
China’s Wen Sees Signs of Recovery - Bloomberg
Domino theory - Economist

Americans to Take Housing Recovery into Own Hands - PR Web
Obama’s two-step housing proposal a good start - AJC
Mortgage deductions: Wealthy on the losing end - CNN/Money
Home buyers in California could receive $18K in tax credits - MarketWatch

AIG near deal on new terms of U.S. bailout - CNN/Money
Fed Officials Weigh ‘Exit Strategy’ for End of Crisis - Bloomberg
Federal regulators ignored problems at IndyMac, report finds - LA Times
Fed Credibility to Keep Price Expectations Moored, Yellen Says - Bloomberg

Paul Harvey dies at 90; radio personality had distinctive delivery - LA Times
Primates on Facebook - Economist
Forced From Executive Pay to Hourly Wage - NY Times


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