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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Who got AIG's bailout billions? - Reuters
Key global bankers' meeting reported - CNN/Money
Who Gained From AIG Rescues? Goldman - Naked Capitalism
How the Rules Were Rigged - TPM
Goldman CEO opposed to full bank nationalization - Reuters
IRS dumps private debt collectors, shifts pendulum - AP
Freedom Bank of Georgia Seized, 17th Failure This Year - Bloomberg
The New F***ing Citibank - The Big Picture

Wall Street: Ripe for a rally? - CNN/Money
Stocks facing uphill battle; budget, retail sales loom - MarketWatch
Gold ETFs: The double-edged weapon! - Commodity Online
Treasuries Rise as Bank Stability Concern Boosts Refuge Appeal - Bloomberg
Schwab, Pimco could put ETFs into every investor's portfolio - MarketWatch
Auto Dealers Plead for U.S. Help as Hundreds May Fail in 2009 - Bloomberg

Retail sales expected to be down on weak autos - MarketWatch
Obama: Ending economic crisis won't be easy - CNN/Money
When economy bottoms out, how will we know? - AP
Job Losses Hint at Vast Remaking of Economy - NY Times
Life on unemployment - CNN/Money

BOR's £150bn injection may not work, economists warn - Telegraph
Crisis also means opportunity: President Hu - CHINADaily
IMF: Fifth of Britain's GDP spent so far on bailouts - Guardian
Kamath Expects Indian Economy to Grow at 7% - Bloomberg
Quantitative easing is not the answer - Telegraph
UK government takes controlling stake in Lloyds - AP
When US economy bottoms out, how will we know? - CHINADaily
ECB’s Stark Says Rate Cuts Won’t End Crisis - Bloomberg

The Next Hit: Quick Defaults - Wash. Post
Forbes names Portland 4th-best housing market - Oregon Live
Real estate: State in top-third for year-over-year prices - Coloradoan
Vegas Housing Market Prompts Out-Of-Towner Purchases - 1888 Press Release

Merrill Probe Stymied by Bank of America, Cuomo Says - Bloomberg
Is it time to fire Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke? - Economic Populist
Bernanke: Fed will use all tools at its disposal - Reuters
Geithner - Gone by June - The Big Picture

Russian media teases Clinton over 'reset' button - AFP
How computers call the shots for L.A. County children in peril - LA Times
Now, gold to beat aging! - Commodity Online



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