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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Treasury to unveil bank rescue bid soon - Reuters
Despair over financial policy - Krugman, NY Times
AIG bonus payments $218 million - Reuters
California readying first bond sale in 9 months - SF Gate
Washington Mutual sues FDIC for over $13 billion - Reuters
Goldman Sachs defends $13-billion payment from AIG - LA Times
Mistakes Beget Greater Mistakes - Noland, Prudent Bear
Regulators seize two large corporate credit unions - MarketWatch

Gold to Hit New Highs in 2009 - CEO Survey - Mineweb
Smaller drive up in gas prices likely - AJC
Bonus backlash hits Wall Street - LA Times
Got gold? You're right on the money - MSN Money
Bank crisis spawns new kind of gold rush - Globe & Mail
Own gold, the metal, not a paper promise(.pdf) - Sprott Asset Mgmt.

Preview: Spending Likely Slowed as Home Sales Fell - Bloomberg
California unemployment hits 10.5% in February - LA Times
State unemployment office's call center swamped - SF Gate
Despite discounts, travel spending takes a holiday - LA Times
Slapped by recession, can Consumer Nation rethink? - AP

Weber: ECB Poised to Lower Rates - Bloomberg
The fiesta is over in recession-stricken Spain - AP
China’s Stimulus Spending to Help Growth - Bloomberg
China's copper mine project in Peru reflects economic power - LA Times
India’s Ahluwalia Says “More Room” for Rate Cuts - Bloomberg
India's Tata Motors to launch ultra-cheap Nano car - AP
Nigeria: Russia, Govt Sign Energy Pact - This Day
Chávez Trims Budget to Offset Low Oil Revenues - NY Times

Buyers flocking to cheap foreclosed homes - Arizona Republic
Finding a 'deal' in the housing market - Santa Cruz Sentinel
New supply of 'jumbo' financing in pipeline - LA Times
Americans fear home price drop accelerating - Reuters

Fed’s Expanded Regulatory Role in Doubt - Bloomberg
Treasury Presses Ahead With Plan For Toxic Assets - Wash. Post
Geithner Puts Finishing Touches on Plan to Revive Banks - Bloomberg
AIG Gives Connecticut’s Blumenthal Data on Bonuses - Bloomberg

Connecticut’s ‘Rodeo Drive’ Abandoned as Hedge Funds Collapse - Bloomberg
Money woes reported at firms involved in surrogate births - LA Times
BofA Stuck With Real-Estate Chief’s Unsold House - Bloomberg


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