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Thursday, March 19, 2009

‘Rambo Fed’ Will Buy Treasuries to Combat Crisis - Bloomberg
Treasury officials explicitly allowed AIG bonuses - LA Times
Madoff accountant hit with criminal charges - MarketWatch
iShares Silver Trust’s golden run - Commodity Online
Naked Short Sales Hint Fraud in Bringing Down Lehman - Bloomberg
Shell dumps wind, solar and hydro power in favour of biofuels - Guardian
Obama Needs AIG’s Liddy, Not Other Way Around - Bloomberg
The Real AIG Scandal - Slate

Special: The unholy Fed-Gold nexus - Commodity Online
Oil trades above $51 as stock rallies boost hopes - AP
First a rally, then hyperinflation? - MarketWatch
Dollar weakness may have legs - CNN/Money
Don't follow the typical retirement-planning advice - MarketWatch
Rig Count Downturn Moves into Uncharted Territory -

U.S. workers on jobless benefits hit record high - Reuters
Families that cut a little last year are cutting more now - USA Today
Obama hears Californians' state of anxiety - LA Times
More consumers are just a paycheck or two away from ruin - MarketWatch
Long Beach and Los Angeles port traffic slows in February - LA Times

China's factories get desperate as orders drop - AP
Canadian Inflation Unexpectedly Accelerates - Bloomberg
Iceland cuts base interest rate to 17 percent - AP
Your not-so-secret foreign bank account - MarketWatch
Steeling for 80% export drop - Shanghai Daily
U.K. Budget Deficit Swells as Recession Pounds Taxes - Bloomberg
The US dollar, the Norwegian krone and the ‘ugly contest’ - FT Alphaville
Mexico details U.S. tariffs; food staples off the list - MarketWatch

Obama housing fix: Banks not ready - CNN/Money
Fed's move could send mortgage rates well below 5 percent - Mercury News
Not Just Homeowners, But Renters Are Really Getting Screwed - Alternet
Fannie Is Handing Out Its Own Sizable Retention Payouts - WSJ

Bernanke Pushes the Button - The Big Picture
How the Fed Failed to Tell Obama About The Bonuses - Washington Post
Fed moves to bring down interest rates on mortgages, consumer loans - LA Times
On the Fed's "Shock and Awe" - Naked Capitalism

Wife says $43 million isn't enough in divorce settlement - USA Today
New Film Gives Us a Painfully Realistic Look at Life in 2055 - Alternet
Woman allegedly punches, bites her son's principal - AP


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