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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pandit: Citigroup Having Best Quarter Since 2007 - Bloomberg
Bernanke says must protect against systemic risks - Reuters
China adds deflation threat to economic woes - AP
Whitney says credit cards are the next credit crunch - Reuters
Depression lessons: Keep on spending - USA Today
Wondering if Crude Could Fall Even More - NY Times
European Banks May Announce Gold Sales Accord - Bloomberg
Forget About "Recovery" - Kunstler, CFN

Oil steady at $47 after Saudi supply report - CNN/Money
Gold slips 1 percent as equities recover - Reuters
They Tried to Outsmart Wall Street - NY Times
Gold at $1,500 per ounce, silver $25 - Commodity Online
“Bear Market Rally?” - Saut, Raymond James
Buckle Up - Hussman Funds

Sickly U.S. economy set for 2nd half rebound - AP
24 million go from 'thriving' to 'struggling' - USA Today
Auto Workers: Rescue Them or Not? - NY Times
It's not the Depression, top Obama adviser says - SF Gate
Cities brace for revenue losses as property values drop - LA Times

China Reports Falling Prices - NY Times
China and Brazil A Better Investment Than the U.S. - Time
IMF warns of Great Recession, Africa at risk - Reuters
Worst collapse in UK manufacturing in four decades - Telegraph
Leery of Debt, Germany Shuns a Spending Spree - NY Times
G20 ministers set for clash over economic crisis solutions - Telegraph
China's employment situation 'grave': minister - CHINADaily
Japanese shares fall victim to foreign selling - MarketWatch

Obama's Housing Rescue Is American Pipe Dream - Bloomberg
Letting go of your dream price is hard to do -
Housing Bust Deals a Cruel Blow to Older Homeowners - US News
Investors fuel Detroit's 'Landlord Nation' - LA Land

Bernanke says regulatory overhaul needed - AP
Detox for Troubled Assets - Wash. Post
Deflation’s Return Speeds Up Race-to-Zero Rates - Bloomberg
Staffing Shortage Hinders Treasury's Progress - Wash. Post

More Americans say they have no religion - AP
Depression-Minded Sports Teams - Bloomberg
Americans' low insurance IQ hurts finances - AP


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