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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fed, Treasury chief to get grilled on AIG - AP
Reform the International Monetary System - Peoples's Bank of China
China calls for new global currency - AP
U.S. to Help Investors Buy Bank Assets - Wash. Post
Geithner plan will rob American taxpayers: Stiglitz - Reuters
$50 Million in A.I.G. Bonuses to Be Repaid - NY Times
Can Geithner’s public-private partnership get it done? - Credit Writedowns
Here’s Why The Geithner Plan Is So Complex - ClusterStock

Oil eases but stays above $53 - AP
Gold Price: Is the bubble about to burst? - Commodity Online
Stock market losses take a personal toll on investors - USA Today
Bear market rallies can be violent and exciting - MarketWatch
“Bear Market Rally or Something More?” - Saut, Raymond James
Investors can't handle the truth - MarketWatch

U.S. recession to last into 2010: Feldstein - Reuters
Certain areas of economy swelling with jobs - USA Today
Inside Obama’s Economic Brain Trust - New York Magazine
Prices are rising if you look closely - MarketWatch
February home sales rise as prices sink - AP

UK staves off deflation as weak pound pushes up prices - Telegraph
4-Wheel Dreams for Millions of Drivers in India - NY Times
After years of plenty, Russia returns to earth - IHT
Paper gold: nice idea, shame about the politics - Telegraph
John Maynard Keynes' golden rule breached by Churchill - Guardian
How to fix the global economy - MSN Money
Dubai World sues MGM Mirage over CityCenter - MarketWatch
Purchase of US Treasuries to continue - CHINADaily

The Housing Mirage: Misleading Numbers - Time
Mass. home prices dropped 18% in February -
Signs that housing market is bouncing back - EDP24
Seattle-area home prices falling faster - Seattle PI

Asset managers eye Geithner plan - MarketWatch
Geithner Races to Show Progress for Distressed Assets - Bloomberg
Treasury’s $1 Trillion Quells Bank Takeover Talk - Bloomberg
Geithner enchants the markets - CNN/Money

U.S. rehab centers see bankers driven to drink - Reuters
Full Commanding Denial - Kunstler, CFN
Mortgage went from £1,500 a month to ONE PENCE - Mail Online


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