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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

China’s Investment Surges 26.5% as Exports Plunge - Bloomberg
Madoff Will Plead Guilty; Faces Life for Vast Swindle - NY Times
The Fed Didn't Cause the Housing Bubble - Greenspan, WSJ
It'll Take More Than Money to Fix This Crisis - Wash. Post
Betting the U.S. Government Won't Pay Its Debts - 24/7 Wall Street
Banks Counted on Looting America’s Coffers - NY Times
Regulators Who Won’t Regulate - Butler, Investment Rarities
Difficult to make case that new bull market began Tuesday - MarketWatch

Oil Falls as U.S. Supplies May Have Gained - Bloomberg
Bullion market hit as gold, silver imports plunge - Commodity Online
MLPs: Profit In The Pipelines? - Hard Assets Investor
It only appears that nothing has happened in gold market - MarketWatch
Contango smashing - FT Alphaville
Investors Treasure Gold For Diversity, Risk Management - Private Wealth

U.S. consumers feel won't be better off until 2010 - Reuters
What is a depression? - Calculated Risk
Senate Approves $410B Bill to Fund Government - Wash. Post
Pelosi open to another stimulus if necessary - MarketWatch
Credit card delinquencies hit index record - CNN/Money

China Trade Surplus Plunges as Exports Fall - Bloomberg
Brazil economy shrinks at fastest rate since 1996 - Reuters
A deflationary dragon with excess capacity - FT Alphaville
BOE's Bond Purchases Set New Policy Front - Bloomberg
Europe markets fall despite Asian gains - IHT
45 percent of world's wealth destroyed - Reuters
In China, Would-Be Protesters Pay a Price - Wash. Post
Norway Oil Fund Shrank 23% Last Year on Stock Plunge - Bloomberg

Tailspin Continues for Housing Market - 3.5% Drop in January - MSNBC
When did you buy your house? - Inman News
How California loan 'workouts' are working out - LA Land
6 of 10 buyers think homes overpriced - OC Register

Libor’s Creep Shows Credit Markets at Risk of Seizure - Bloomberg
What Does It Mean to “Bury” a Bank? - The New Yorker
Geithner: We'll fix the nation's 'deep mess' - CNN/Money
Fed will take away the punch bowl next time - MarketWatch

Exclusive: Jim Cramer set to appear on 'The Daily Show' Thursday - Showtracker
DNA testing ends mystery surrounding Czar Nicholas II children - LA Times
Russia’s Company Towns Suffer as Demand Plummets, Jobs Vanish - Bloomberg


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