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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

EU presidency: US economic plans 'a way to hell' - AP
Fed to Start Purchasing Treasuries to Unfreeze Credit - Bloomberg
Japan Exports Drop Record 49% as Global Slump Deepens - Bloomberg
China not fooling in call for review of dollar's status - MarketWatch
Top Hedge Fund Managers Do Well in a Down Year - NY Times
Bernstein, Rosenberg Plan to Leave Bank of America - Bloomberg
N.Y. governor fires 8,900 state workers - CNN/Money
Geithner vs. Schiff: A Thought Bridge Between Two Wrongs - Seeking Alpha

Golds edges up, ETF hits another record - Reuters
Oil dips on signs of growing inventories - AP
Central banks sit on their bullion reserves - MarketWatch
Don't wait to inflation-proof your portfolio - Fortune
Treasury Notes Fall for Before Five-Year Auction - Bloomberg
Your retirement might not be doomed - MSN Money

U.S. Durable Goods Orders Unexpectedly Jumped 3.4% - Bloomberg
Struggling restaurant chains try cheap eats to lure diners - USA Today
California seen struggling through this year - Reuters
2009 will be hard, recovery in 2010 - report - CNN/Money
Q4 Mortgage Equity Extraction Strongly Negative - Calculated Risk

Mervyn King warns Gordon Brown to stop spending - TimesOnline
Japan's exports suffer record plunge - MarketWatch
U.K. Gilts Slump After First ‘Failed’ Bond Auction Since 1995 - Bloomberg
Anti-Dollar Contagion Gains Pace - Huffington Post
Cabinet Toppled as Czechs Ready for Recession, Obama - Bloomberg
German business-climate gauge tumbles in March - MarketWatch
Thoughts on the switch from dollars as reserve currency - Credit Writedowns
Empty cargo ships wait out the economy in Philippine ports - LA Times

Fannie/Freddie numbers show prices and trends for home sales - LA Times
Even renters who are paid up are getting kicked out - CSM
Home Prices Had Smallest Drop in 5 Months in January - Bloomberg
Spike in existing home sales mostly fueled by foreclosures - BlownMortgage

Geithner, Bernanke Seek to Plug Gaps in Finance Rules - Bloomberg
Surreptitiously squeezing the tax payer - FT Mavercon
Regional Banks Are the Future - WSJ Economics Blog
Dr. Doom Finds Promise in Obama’s Toxic-Asset Plan - NY Times

Facing layoffs, staff holds boss hostage - CNN/Money
The economy melts down, and stand-up comics joke - LA Times
Former RBS chief's home attacked by vandals - MarketWatch


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