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"I'm passing out"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You'd think that if Columbia professor David Buckner knew he was about to pass out and he was able to tell Glenn Beck so, he'd maybe try to get on the ground so he doesn't hurt himself.


Anonymous said...


Did you see this

She is in a state of denial. She hasn’t blogged since then, but her website still touts her methodology and her 2008 book “Houseonomics: Why Owning A Home Is Still A Great Investment” — does that sound like David Lereah or what? By that time, she no longer had no vested interest — she was deeply entrenched in promoting her book and in denial of the reality.

Vincent Yin, Toronto, Canada

Tim said...

See this item from three years ago: Debunking the Dismal Duo"The point here is that the expected appreciation of this property is the dominant factor in the calculation that results in a fair valuation - something that is not mentioned in the study itself. One has to dig into the details of the report to learn this."

Anonymous said...

Its the fainting goat approach to economics.

Bruno T said...

You might consider that someone losing consciousness may not be quite as sharp thinking as we are sitting at at PC.

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