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Laid-off dad puts resume on cars

Monday, April 13, 2009

These human interest stories are only going to get more heart-jerking throughout the year and, unfortunately, into 2010 - the American dream is quickly fading for many.


getyourselfconnected said...

Geez, good thing the banking crisis is over and banks are making record profits! All the window dressing in the world cannot hide reality as seen in the video.
Great CNN Money article in last post, I featured it on my blog this evening.
Pure technical traders, who were just WAY short Gold and silver as recently as last week (slope of hope, evil speculator) are noww turning bullish. Did I miss soemthing in the metals space?

Anonymous said...

this desperation will get worse. the middle class is dying. the united states is dying. consumerism is dying. our way of life for, most of my life, if not all of it, is dying right before my eyes. we live in historic times. some say, the events that we witness will be talked about some day, but i doubt it. that is only if we evolve out of this into something stronger and something better. i am afraid that is not in the cards for those who are pushing for one world government. as i sit here day in and day out reading some of these finanicial blogs, i am struck by the lack of ability to see, really see what is going on , and even though many people say things are going to get worse, somehow, in their american way, they continue to hold on to some false hope about america coming out of this and business as usual continuing. oh i wish i could say that i believe this will happen, but i can't say it. i know better.

Anonymous said...

The sheeple have no idea what's happening to them - no clue that the American way of life may have already deserted them.

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