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Monday, April 06, 2009

From Bubble to Depression? - WSJ
US watchdog calls for bank executives to be sacked - Guardian
How President Obama managed to unlock the G20 Summit - Telegraph
IBM Talks to Acquire Sun for $7B Said to Have Collapsed - Bloomberg
Credit Bubble Bulletin: Periphery Rising - Prudent Bear
No gold import; India's March gold export at 9 tons - Commodity Online
A Rich Education for Summers (After Harvard) - NY Times
Don't Blame Greenspan - Forbes

Oil rises above $53 as investors eye earnings - AP
Spot gold falls 1 pct to $883.57/oz as stocks rise - Reuters
Asian Stocks Rise on Bernanke Comments - Bloomberg
A bear rally in bull's clothing? - MSN Money
A bear's bear - Globe & Mail
$1T hit to pensions could cost taxpayers - AP

Consumers fall behind on loans at record rate - AP
'Bailout psychology' destroying the economy - SF Gate
There Will Be (Hyper)Inflation - Lew Rockwell
Are you skimping too much? - MSN Money
Recession erodes conveniences shoppers got used to - AP

World trade fall hits Hong Kong shipping - BBC
Brown Will Tell King, Turner to Implement G-20 Plan in Britain - Bloomberg
Loonie Loses 3% as Traders See Carney Pushing Quantitative Ease - Bloomberg
Swiss slide into deflation signals the next chapter of this global crisis - Telegraph
HSBC Gets $17.7 Billion in Largest U.K. Rights Offer - Bloomberg
Budget could bring tax rises as Alistair Darling counts cost of G20 - TimesOnline
Beware talk of recovery as the world economy is not a picture of health - Telegraph
The data deficit in real estate - Globe & Mail

Foreclosure fallout crosses county lines - Chicago Tribune
Historic drop for Manhattan housing market - Canada Free Press
Former California Homeowners Lash Out at Builder - LA Times
Jeremy Warner: This housing correction has a way to go yet - The Independent

Estimated U.S. taxpayer cost for bailout jumps - Reuters
Geithner encouraged but cautious on economy - MarketWatch
Pictures From a Monetary Bubble - Jesse's Cafe
Bernanke’s balance sheet - FT Alphaville

The End of Christian America - Newsweek
Recessionism, but is it art? - FT Alphaville
Down But Not Out at $464 Million a Year - Alternet



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