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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Summers earned over $7M from Wall Street firms - AP
Goldbugs rest assured, inflation will return - Financial Times
Job Loss to Continue After Unemployment Hits 25-Year High - Bloomberg
Who Moved My Bonus? Executive Pay Makes a U-Turn - NY Times
The Banker Who Said No - Forbes
Rush for Platinum jewellery, Platinum ETFs - Commodity Online
U.S. bank woes just the start, Whitney says - Globe & Mail
Fannie, Freddie worker bonuses total $210M - AP

Can the Market Sustain the March Rally? - Wash. Post
No gold import; India's March gold export at 9 tons - Commodity Online
Bulls face a challenging week - CNN/Money
Earnings test is on the way, with banks in focus - MarketWatch
Going for gold: How the world's mints are coining it - The Independent
Executives' outlook will set the tone - LA Times

Preview: Trade Gap Probably Held at Six-Year Low - Bloomberg
Recession outlasts even extended jobless benefits - AP
Lucky to Have a Job? You're Still Allowed to Grouse. - Wash. Post
Is the Economy Killing the 401(k)? - CNN/Money
Tough times mean tight quarters - LA Times

Australia’s Jobless to Get Mortgage Payment Waiver - Bloomberg
Bankrupt Britain: 340 people go bust every day - TimesOnline
This brave new world we live in needs leaders based in reality - Telegraph
Base Metals: Why is China stockpiling Copper? - Commodity Online
China finds way to raise stature in world finance at G20 - CHINADaily
A Global Free-For-All? - NewsWeek
I.M.F. May Have to Loosen Reins After G-20 Windfall - NY Times
The G20 moves the world a step closer to a global currency - Telegraph

New program may enable millions to refinance - LA Times
Signs of life in California real estate - CNN/Money
When Home Prices Hit Bottom - Fortune
Mortgage aid often failed to curb defaults - LA Times

Inflation vs. Deflation - Calculated Risk
Fed seeks exit strategy - CNN/Money
Fed Chief ‘Uncomfortable’ With Bailouts - NY Times
Bernanke Easing Mortgage Rates - Bloomberg

Wanna be an extra? Join the (growing) crowd - LA Times
A Rug Store Floored by the Economy - Wash. Post
Spa day on a budget, L.A.-style - LA Times



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