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Sunday, April 19, 2009

China's Wen says key currency countries need watching - Reuters
US economy still facing 'substantial risks' - AFP
Should the U.S. bail out California too? - LA Times
Housing: Building castles of sand - Economist
VC investment in startups keeps falling - SF Gate
Inflation Doves Put Faith in Output-Gap Religion - Baum, Bloomberg
Off the Shelf: Free-Market Flaws, Exposed - NY Times
Why central banks refuse to sell gold? - Commodity Online

Obama may not sanction IMF gold sale - Commodity Online
Does This Market Rally Have Legs? - NY Times
India’s gold imports pick up - Commodity Online
Finding a financial road map - LA Times
Wall Street: Plan for a storm - CNN/Money
Indian housewives beat top biz brains - Commodity Online

Preview: Goods Orders, Home Sales Probably Fell - Bloomberg
More plant closings, job cuts due at GM - CNN/Money
When financial ruin is one misstep away - LA Times
Volcker: Recovery will be a 'long slog' - CNN/Money
State unemployment rate highest since 1941 - SF Gate

The world economy: Buckle down - Economist
Dubai Index Rises as Ruler Says ‘Worst Is Over’ - Bloomberg
China's economy: Bamboo shoots of recovery - Economist
Chancellor's £50bn home loans boost - Guardian
ECB’s Trichet Won’t Exclude Cut, Says Zero Rates Inappropriate - Bloomberg
China seeks oversight of reserve currency issuers - MarketWatch
Germany's bail-out: Too little, and late - Economist
Bloom or bust? - Globe & Mail

When will the housing market hit bottom? - The Independent
When the Real Estate Game Cost $9.95 - NY Times
Home sellers seek help from a saint - LA Times
Home ownership: Shelter, or burden? - Economist

Fed officials suggest worst of recession is over - Reuters
It May Be Time for the Fed to Go Negative - NY Times
Bank bailout plan's 'stress tests' already causing stress - LA Times
Kohn: Fed is helping - CNN/Money

Bogus waiter tricks customers at 2 NJ restaurants - AP
Dividing debts in divorce - LA Times
Arguing the size of the "tea party" protest - CSM


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