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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finance ministers encouraged but wary over economy - AP
Four banks closed by regulators, credit crunch shakes out - MarketWatch
Swine flu outbreak declared 'public health emergency' - LA Times
FACTBOX: Economic costs of a flu pandemic - Reuters
Spread of Bubonic Plague, 1347-1351 - Infectious Greed
After an Off Year, Wall Street Pay Is Bouncing Back - NY Times
Markets Cheer Stress Test Double Speak - Naked Capitalism
World Gold Council: Gold conspiracy would dwarf Madoff - Investigate

Oil at $50 not enough for investment-OPEC head - Reuters
India’s gold and silver imports begin to thrive - Commodity Online
UP AND DOWN WALL STREET: Shareholders Be Damned! - Barron's
The China gold announcement is not that significant - Credit Writedowns
OPEC, Asia Ministers Call for Oil-Market Oversight - Bloomberg
The Restructuring of Global Oil Demand - Gregor

Preview: GDP Probably Shrank as Companies Cut Back - Bloomberg
Recession, Far From Over, Already Setting Records - NY Times
Some Make Do in the Recession by Moving In With Dad and Mom - Wash. Post
Better Than Expected Economic Data? - Beat the Press
How a 5% drop in GDP can look good - MarketWatch

First-time British home buyers still absent - MarketWatch
The capital well is running dry and some economies will wither - Telegraph
IMF Considers Bond Issue to Raise Funds for Lending Programs - Bloomberg
Trichet, Lagarde Question IMF Estimate of Bank Writedowns - Bloomberg
British economy shrinks at fastest pace for 30 years - Telegraph
Spain's unemployment rate leaps to record high - Times Online
Taiwan, China in landmark financial services deal - Reuters
Can science save the oil sands? - Globe & Mail

Spring Home Sales Damp, But Young Buyers Bloom - NPR
No recovery seen for housing until late 2010 - O.C. Register
More Cold Water for U.S. Housing Marke - Seeking Alpha
Home Builders, Preparing for a Thaw - NY Times

Fed to stay aggressive, but prepare for recovery - AFP
Musings on Structural Challenges to the Financial System - Naked Capitalism
Investors Comment on Fed Model for Stress Tests - Bloomberg
Who Else Did Hank Paulson Push Around? - Clusterstock

Nancy Pelosi fires back at Jon Stewart - LA Times
Susan Boyle on South Park (Video) - Mashable
Basis for Male Promiscuity Questioned - Live Science


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