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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Everyone seems to be fascinated with the graphic for this week's Economist cover story.
IMAGE It is a scary image to be sure and stock market bears are no doubt salivating along with the large fish to the right, prompting the rhetorical question, "Do fish have saliva glands?"

To me, however, the more frightening graphic in this week's Economist is the table below.

It's been a little while since I've looked closely at these stats, dutifully collated and published each and every week in the final few pages of the print edition, but never before have I seen so many negative numbers.
IMAGE The two double-digit negative numbers for 2009 GDP growth in Latvia and Iceland are particularly troublesome. What are the odds of similar numbers showing up for Japan, Germany, and elsewhere? The double-digit unemployment numbers are bothersome as well.

This week's cartoon: IMAGE


Anonymous said...

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tech98 said...

Those quarterly GDP numbers are scary stuff.
Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Ireland all showing annualized GDP shrinkage in the 20% range.
And a 38.4% decline in Japan's industrial production adds up to a lot of lost output.
This mess ain't over.

Anonymous said...

It shrinks?

Anonymous said...

So if you believe these numbers, the USA is going to grow by- 4.1% for 2010?

-2.7 to get to zero then 1.4% for growth according to these numbers.

Isn't the traditional growth rate a bit lower than this in normal times?

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