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Thursday, April 23, 2009

GM plans to close 15 plants for 9 weeks - USA Today
Lewis testified that U.S. urged silence on Merrill deal - Reuters
U.S. Weighs Revealing Each Bank’s Capital Needs - Bloomberg
Mortgage Bondholders Form Battle Lines Over Housing Plan - Bloomberg
Golden State Mortgage Defaults Jump to Record High - DataQuick
Obama To Push for End ‘Deceptive’ Credit Card Policies - Bloomberg
Dire straits for state budgets - CNN/Money
The Reeducation of Tim Geithner -

Oil Gains as Weaker Dollar Spurs Inflation Hedging - Bloomberg
Gold inches up, faces resistance as ETF buys stall - Reuters
Chinese demand only hope for oil sector in 2009 - Business 24/7
Akshaya Tritiya & India's mad gold rush - Commodity Online
An emerging opportunity in U.S. housing - Reuters
US Natural Gas Prices: "The Fix is Underway" - The Oil Drum

New jobless claims rise more than expected to 640K - AP
US Senators vote for economic crisis probe - AFP
Those doing the layoffs can feel lingering stress - USA Today
Feldstein: U.S. Inflation Danger After 2010 - Bloomberg
Wells CFO: California economy close to bottom - LA Land

Global recession worst since Depression, IMF says - AP
U.K Financial Bailout Reaches 1.4 Trillion Pounds - Bloomberg
Japan Pays Foreign Workers to Go Home - NY Times
Russia Cuts Benchmark Rates to Spur Stumbling Economy - Bloomberg
IMF: Asia could see 'modest recovery' in 2010 - AP
China Stocks Are ‘Overvalued,’ Says Morgan Stanley - Bloomberg
Why London bullion market is booming - Commodity Online
Carney to Give Extra Stimulus Rules Today - Bloomberg

Mortgage defaults rise but homeowners stay put - LA Times
Where to Get the Most Rental Income for the Money - BusinessWeek
Home Prices Gain 0.7% in February From January - Bloomberg
Housing Prices May Have Stopped Falling - Seeking Alpha

Home Vacancies Give Fed Extra Time - Bloomberg
Tim Geithner Thumbs His Nose at Congress - Time
Wall Street’s 1929 Scams Return in Geithner Plan - Bloomberg
Is the next bubble the Fed balance sheet? - O.C. Register

Breakthroughs That Will Change Everything - LiveScience
Detroit woman's underwire bra deflects bullet - AP
Darien, CT Home Transformed for “Revolutionary Road” - Zillow Blog


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