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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Default Rate Surges to Highest Since Depression, Moody’s Says - Bloomberg
IMF gold sale may push down prices below $800 - Commodity Online
China's economy to bottom out in mid 2009; World Bank - CHINADaily
Toxic debts could reach $4 trillion, IMF to warn - Times Online
FDIC’s Insurance Commitments 34% Higher Than Reported - Option Armageddon
Exclusive: Tearful Allen Stanford Expects Indictment in Two Weeks - ABC News
Larry Summers, Tim Geithner and Wall Street's ownership of government - Salon
Turning Japanese - Foreign Affairs

Oil falls below $51 as rally loses steam - AP
Goldman: IMF Gold Sales to Have ‘Limited Impact’ - Bloomberg
SEC to mull 4 short-selling rules - CNN/Money
High-tech layoffs climb in first quarter - MarketWatch
“Getting, Keeping, Losing!” - Saut, Raymond James
Resisting the Temptation to Buy Gold - Inner Workings

Optimism on U.S. economy up: poll - Reuters
Soros says U.S. faces "lasting slowdown" - Reuters
Recovery hopes begin to blossom - CNN/Money
Economy Falling Years Behind Full Speed - NY Times
Pensioners 'cannot afford to survive' - Telegraph

Japan and Australia Take Steps to Revive Economy - NY Times
U.K. Manufacturing Drops Most Since at Least 1968 - Bloomberg
China to improve yuan cross-border payment system - CHINADaily
Is the Almighty Dollar Doomed? - Time
Strength or weakness? China’s dollar reserves - Setser, CFR
Japan set for second economic bail-out - Telegraph
Eurozone retail sales slump by 4% - BBC
Russian Economy Contracts at Record Pace - Bloomberg

Can she buy now and resell for a gain in five years? -
Are FHA loans the next housing time bomb? - CNN/Money
Panic tears at the heart of the system, Warsh says - MarketWatch
Loan modification subject to growing fraud - Signs on San Diego

Key Libor Rates Ease; Central Bank Action Key - WSJ
Mayo Gives Banks ‘Underweight’ Rating on Loan Losses - Bloomberg
Fighting Recklessness with Recklessness - Hussman, Hussman Funds
5 central banks swap currencies - CNN/Money

Stanford: 'Clients lost no money' - BBC
GM and Segway plan electric two-wheeler - AFP
Gravity satellite feels the force - BBC


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