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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

U.S. to give Chrysler, GM new aid - Reuters
IMF: Losses from global credit crisis mounting - AP
Re-inflation falsehoods, fantasies, fabrications, and fake-outs - iTulip
Treasury asset plan vulnerable to abuse: watchdog - AP
Stanford Points Fingers in Fraud Case - NY Times
Dealers prepare for worst if GM files Chapter 11 bankruptcy - USA Today
Why Commodities Are Still In a Bull Market - SafeHaven
Note: Hope = Truth - Kunstler, CFN

Oil edges lower on weak earnings, supplies forecast - MarketWatch
Gold Rises on Jewelry Demand, Hedge Against Stocks - Bloomberg
Strategizing a retirement rebound - CNN/Money
T. Boone Pickens sees oil at $75 at end-year - Reuters
A Nice Set Up - Butler, Investment Rarities
“He Said – We Said” - Saut, Raymond James

End of economic gloom? - Roubini, Project Syndicate
(Un)Intended Consequences: Uncertainty, Inflation and Inflexibility - SafeHaven
Choosing alternatives to layoffs - LA Times
GM layoffs reported coming over next few days - MarketWatch
Leading economic indicators slip 0.3% - CNN/Money

China, Russia make major breakthrough in energy cooperation - CHINADaily
Japan reportedly to slash GDP outlook to 3% fall - MarketWatch
Spain’s Falling Prices Fuel Deflation Fears in Europe - NY Times
Japan Eases Recession Pain as Wage Cuts Support Jobs - Bloomberg
China to start building 5 nuclear power plants - CHINADaily
British economy falls into deflation for first time since 1960 - Telegraph
China to launch more stimulus investment in second quarter - CHINADaily
India central bank cuts rates by 0.25 points to 4.75% - MarketWatch

Demand for O.C. homes back at 2005 levels - O.C. Register
Study: Nation’s Housing Market Undervalued - The Truth About Mortgage
Western builder optimism at 6-month high. Why? - O.C. Register
Don’t Even Say the Words - NY Times

Stress tests present Catch-22 for Treasury - MarketWatch
Regulators Give Greater Weight to Loan Quality - Bloomberg
The Subprime Bubble in Living Color - VDare
Recession is easing - Fed vice chairman - CNN/Money

Reporter wins Pulitzer months after being laid off - AP
U.S. "home invasions" up as thugs seek Mexico drug cash - Reuters
Al Capone’s Chicago Home for Sale - Zillow Blog


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