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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Economy shrinks at 6.1 percent pace in 1Q - AP
Fed Is Said to Seek Capital for at Least Six Banks - Bloomberg
Citigroup seeks permission to pay bonuses - Reuters
BofA CEO’s Support Erodes Ahead of Annual Meeting - Bloomberg
Feeling Secure, Some Banks Want to Be Left Alone - NY Times
GM's New Road Map: Partial Nationalization - Wash. Post
U.S. Reaches Deal With Chrysler Banks, People Say - Bloomberg
Buy Gold, not Gold shares - Commodity Online

Oil rises above $50 with equities - Reuters
Gold edges up as weak dollar sparks buying - NineMSN
Hedge-Fund Bubble Bursts in Time for Swine Flu - Bloomberg
Bullion premiums ease for gold, silver: Got Gold Report - Stockhouse
Akshaya Tritiya fails to boost India gold sales - Commodity Online
Stealth stock bull market; sell in May and go away? - Stockhouse

U.S. economy shrinks more than expected - Reuters
Home Vacancies Rise in U.S. to Record Amid Recession - Bloomberg
Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Declined at Slower Pace - Bloomberg
Outbreak Threatens Global Recovery - Wash. Post
Confdence Index Rises Most Since 2005 - Bloomberg

Europe's corporate giants feel heat from recession - Guardian
Peso Tumble, Swine Flu May Prompt Mexico to Tap IMF - Bloomberg
Abbey aids UK economy with £2.3bn of lending - Telegraph
London Ponders Its Future as Financial Powerhouse - NY Times
China Demand Means Asia Exporters May Be Past Worst - Bloomberg
Alistair Darling defends 50pc tax on high earners - Telegraph
Derivatives Hit Austrian Railroad With Record Loss - Bloomberg
Gazprom Q4 Profit Plummets 84% on Drop in Demand - Bloomberg

Phoenix Leads the Way Down in Home Prices - NY Times
Home prices less dismal, but still falling steeply - CSM
Housing Market Shows Some Life - Wash.Post
Housing: Coming In For A Landing? - Forbes

Fed likely to maintain credit push - AFP
Republican Senator Specter Announces Party Switch - Bloomberg
What the Fed is considering at this week's meeting - Guardian
Fed's Report Explores the Housing Market - AjaxWorld

Cell Phone Ultrasound Device Like Trek 'Tricorder' - LiveScience
Chihuahua blown away by 70-mph winds reunited with owners - AP
Some Dinosaurs Survived the Asteroid Impact - LiveScience
Fear a high school reunion? Hire a stripper - Reuters


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