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CR does videos too?

Friday, May 08, 2009

As if he really needed to do anything to improve on his popular blog, Bill at Calculated Risk is now doing videos, this one his first offering on the shadow condo inventory in Irvine.

I've never met Bill, but have exchanged emails with him on a number of occasions - he's about the nicest guy in the world as far as I can tell.


Anonymous said...

At 1:46 - classic!

Anonymous said...

I think CR is really a computer from the future. How could anyone be that smart?

Anonymous said...

Who was going to buy all those condos?

I remember what dairy farmers did years ago when milk prices were too low - dump the milk and kill the cows.

Anonymous said...

yea they could do that while meanwhile people struggle to afford the rents and they keep the properties off the rental market. Better to kill the realtards.

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