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Eerie Greenspan and Geithner photos

Friday, May 22, 2009

Is anyone else just the least bit unsettled by these photos of long-time, now retired Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and current Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner both waving their hands while testifying before Congress.
IMAGE Of course, the hand-waving has long since stopped for the former and he seems to speak freely these days, the jury still being out regarding whether this is a positive or negative development. For the latter, however, the hand-waving has probably just begun.


Tailwind said...

Let's see if I can decipher these obviously important signals....."I bless thee; now go forward and multiply." No, that's not it. Hmmm..."Talk to the hand." Nope. I got it, "Do as I say or I will scratch out your eyes and feed your 401k to the Banksters!. That's the one!

Atox said...

These are bear impressions, intended to be representative of the market. Geithner is more optimistic.

Anonymous said...

Geithner definitely waves his hand like a bear. That's not a good sign.

Dan said...

They're both able to demonstrate the sound of one hand clapping.

theo said...

Greenspan says, "That's correct Mr. Frank, Five times Ayn Rand attempted to seduce me and five times I explained that I was in love with you."

Geithner says while slowly closing his hand into a fist, "Nothing up my sleeves or in my hand, now watch closely as the food disappears from the mouth's of your grandchildren..."

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