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Friday, May 01, 2009

Bank Stress Test Results Delayed as Conclusions Debated - Bloomberg
Chrysler's bankruptcy path is uncharted, but GM could follow - LA Times
The war over Chrysler: A bailout built in Ottawa - Globe & Mail
Everyone is wrong, again – 1981 in Reverse - iTulip
Bank shareholders: Changing course - Economist
Third gold sales pact to plant flag of support - Reuters
Where did all the bailout money go? - CSM
A Primer on a Chrysler Bankruptcy - NY Times

Oil falls below $51 amid weak consumer spending - AP
Gold Declines as Equity Rally Reduces Investment Appeal - Bloomberg
Financial crisis brings sobriety to Buffett's capitalist jamboree - Guardian
Is gold's April slide just a beginning? - Commodity Online
Pumping and Dumping the 401(k) Crowd - Max Blog
Chinese Gold Revisited - Hard Assets Investor

Odds of Depression (and Various Other Things) - NY Times
In Sharp Contraction, Basis for an Upswing - Washington Post
Carmakers' woes hitting state jobs, revenue - SF Gate
Bankruptcy Hits Home in Auto Heartland - Washington Post
College-bound students run into financial wall - LA Times

Japan's jobless rate up, household spending down - AP
MPs blame bankers for 'astonishing mess' - Telegraph
China's gold buy raises eyebrows for all the right reasons - MarketWatch
India Exports Plunge as Recession Hurts Demand - Bloomberg
China Manufacturing Expands, Adding to Recovery - Bloomberg
Bankruptcies rise to record high - Guardian
Taxes: A nasty Brown mess - Economist
Europe's age crisis begins to bite - Telegraph

Mortgage reduction bill fails in Senate - LA Times
Home prices still have a way to go to hit bottom -
Housing collapse blamed for industrial market’s woes - LV Sun
Housing market woes continue -

Government nervous about stress test results - USA Today
The Fed: The hedge fund of Foggy Bottom - Economist
Regional Banks Could Need Billions More -
Securitisation: The torpor of the TALF - Economist

Of Loos and Language - NY Times
Stanford tries to surrender to federal authorities - AP
Engineering suddenly hot at universities - CSM
Talk Is Cheap, if You Ask - NY Times


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