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Friday, May 08, 2009

Ailing Banks Need $75 Billion, U.S. Says - NY Times
Stress Test Finds Strength in Banks - Wash. Post
The big banks: How much each needs - CNN/Money
Commercial Mortgage Delinquencies Rise to 11-Year High - Bloomberg
GM burns $10 billion in first quarter as deadline looms - Reuters
U.S. Can Avoid Japan Trap Through Bank Earnings - Bloomberg
Deflation in America: The greater of two evils - Economist
NY Fed chair quits over Goldman role - CNN/Money

Oil rises to near $58 on economic recovery hopes - AP
Gold claws back above $910/oz, US jobs data eyed - Reuters
Buttonwood: Happy days are here again - Economist
Why gold will continue to shine - Commodity Online
Fund leaders take stock of markets - MarketWatch
U.K.’s Royal Mint Uses 75% More Gold - Bloomberg

Payrolls drop by 539,000; jobless rate up to 8.9% - MarketWatch
American consumers: Off their trolleys - Economist
Why Jobs Go Begging Amid Layoffs - BusinessWeek
Consumer credit drops record $11.1 billion - MarketWatch
Recovery? What Recovery? - NewsWeek

Toyota sees $8.6 billion annual loss - Reuters
Europe's economies: A new pecking order - Economist
China's central bank frets over Fed bond purchases - MarketWatch
China's gold buying spree & superpower dreams - Commodity Online
BOE to pump another £50B into economy to fight recession - Telegraph
Mexico April inflation quickens but rate cuts eyed - Reuters
ECB falls into line and embraces quantitative easing - Telegraph
Banks in the Gulf: Shifting sands - Economist

ARMed and underwater - MarketWatch
Yale's Robert Shiller on the Outlook for Home Prices - Time
Stimulus package: Homeowner perks - CNN/Money
S.F. housing market warming up - SF Examiner

Bernanke Outlines the Future of Financial Regulation - NY Times
Major Banks Negotiate, Spin, Chafe at Stress-Test Results - Wash. Post
Bernanke: Fed Monitoring Liquidity of Banks on Daily Basis - Bloomberg
Effort to Lift Consumer Lending Is In Question - Wash. Post

'Star Trek' Tricorder Scans for Life on Space Station - LiveScience
Singer Susan Boyle joins stars in top 5 viral videos - AP
KFC offers rain checks on coupon Oprah promoted - USA Today
Police: Man accused of shoplifting applies for job - AP


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