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Friday, May 22, 2009

Florida's BankUnited fails, will cost FDIC $4.9B - AP
U.S. to work with GM ahead of June 1 deadline - Reuters
Pimco’s Gross Says U.S. ‘Eventually’ Will Lose AAA - Bloomberg
GM nears bankruptcy: Chapter 11 beckons - Economist
Inflation ‘Cure’ Exposed When In-Laws Move In - Bloomberg
'Dollar has died. Gold is the new currency king' - Commodity Online
Ballot defeat doesn't dampen state bond sales - SF Gate
The Road to Bankruptcy - The Atlantic

Oil prices rebound before OPEC meet next week - AFP
Gold steady, weak dollar supports; ETF unchanged - Reuters
Petrobras CEO says new wells economical with $45 oil - MarketWatch
India gold demand plunges to 17 tonnes: GFMS - Commodity Online
The outlook for the oil price: Bust and boom - Economist
Buttonwood: When bulls chase their tails - Economist

Economy to resume growth this year - CNN/Money
LEI Signals Improving Economic Conditions(.pdf) - Northern Trust
Reports hint U.S. recovery will be a rutted road - Reuters
This year's auto sales forecast falls to 10 million - USA Today
Economic indicators up more than expected in - AP

The art of Chinese massage - Economist
New setback for housing market - Birmingham Post
BOJ Raises Economic View for First Time Since 2006 - Bloomberg
Japan's woeful GDP figures: That kitchen-sinking feeling - Economist
U.K. Treasury Refuses to Release Stress Tests on RBS, Lloyds - Bloomberg
'Brutal' economic slump will slow UK recovery, says EIU -Guardian
Emerging economies: Decoupling 2.0 - Economist
China 'could face banking crisis' - BBC

Buying a foreclosed home - CNN/Money
We May Have Reached Bottom, But Not Everywhere - newgeography
Vital Signs: Can a Housing Recovery Gain Ground? - BusinessWeek
Is the Bay Area housing market stabilizing? - Press Democrat

Plosser sees perils in Fed's massive rescue efforts - Reuters
Alan Greenspan's fears ring true as Florida’s BankUnited collapses - Telegraph
Momentum Builds For Ron Paul's "Fed Transparency" Act - ClusterStock
Credit stresses may be easing as banks cut Fed borrowing - AP

More travelers pitch tents cut costs on holiday - SF Gate
Microsoft To Unveil Updated Search Engine Next Week - Bloomberg
A.I.G. Chief, Brought In During Bailout, to Leave - NY Times
Toddler buys earthmover in online auction - AP


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