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Friday, May 29, 2009

Crash diet: GM getting in shape for Chapter 11 - AP
Bernanke Bid to Lift Housing Scuttled by Rising Rates - Bloomberg
Geithner to Pursue Practical Goals, Tone in Trip to China - Wash. Post
Buffett Aide: Housing, Economy Aren’t Near Recovery - Bloomberg
Government and business in America: Piling on - Economist
Goolsbee: Obama Prevented Depression - Bloomberg
Mortgage delinquencies hit record high in Q1 - AP
The Big Inflation Scare - Krugman, NY Times

Not Mixing With Rest of Economy, Oil Floats Higher - Wash. Post
Gold jumps above $970/oz as dollar weakens - Nine MSN
Gross: Harvard, Yale May Need to Alter Investments - Bloomberg
India gold prices climb on global trends - Commodity Online
Stocks, Oil, Metals Rise as World Recession Eases - Bloomberg
Buttonwood: Not so risk-free - Economist

GDP revised to 5.7% decline in first quarter - MarketWatch
Economy's fall still bad - even if less steep - AP
Bloated U.S. Consumer Unfit for Recovery - Bloomberg
Credit Relief May Not Last Long - NY Times
Roubini: Bullish on the Economy - Bloomberg

China's dubious earnings numbers: Red flags - Economist
U.K. House Prices Unexpectedly Jump, Nationwide Says - Bloomberg
Sterling surges as investors seize on global green shoots - Telegraph
China Economists Raise Growth Forecasts Amid Weakness - Bloomberg
China, America and the yuan: Time for a Beijing bargain - Economist
Japan’s Industrial Production Surges Most in 56 Years - Bloomberg
Gold reserves: China needs to acquire more gold - Commodity Online
India’s GDP Growth Beats Estimates Amid Global Slump - Bloomberg

Housing is bad enough, but wait — it'll get worse - News Tribune
In the housing market, still waiting for dust to clear -
Foreclosures increasing for prime loans - Signs on San Diego
More Homeowners Facing Foreclosure - NY Times

Bond markets defy Fed as Treasury yields spike - Telegraph
Overhauling financial regulation: The regulatory rumble - Economist
Banks cut Fed borrowing, investment cos. draw none - AP
Municipal Defaults Don’t Reflect Tough Times - Bloomberg

Dairy farmers in desperate straits - LA Times
Starbucks Pushing Landlords Reduction in Leases - Bloomberg
Principal files complaint over missed high-five - AP
NYC, Boston Could See Higher Sea Level Rise - LiveScience


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