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Monday, May 25, 2009

US bonds sale faces market resistance - Telegraph
North Korea launches missiles, tests nuclear device - MarketWatch
The Power Pendulum Swings Toward Washington - Wash. Post
China still buying record amounts of U.S. bonds - Reuters
Inflationism’s Seductive Battle Cry - Noland, Prudent Bear
Lawmakers consider $1.50-per-pack cigarette tax - LA Times
A tribute to the real Memorial Day - MarketWatch
'We're out of money' - Drudge Report

Gold on verge of historic breakout? - MarketWatch
Oil falls ahead of OPEC meeting - CNN/Money
Investors await housing, consumer confidence news - AP
Market Internals Suggest Heightened Concern - Hussman Funds
Why We Should Listen to Peter Schiff's Bad News - Time
Assessing the risk of a cataclysm - Reuters

Sorry Greg, This Crisis Was Completely Predictable - Beat the Press
Commercial Real Estate Loans are Coming Due - NY Post
When one job draws 273 applicants - Bend Bulletin
Rubin blames recession on oil - Nova Scotian
State of Paralysis - Krugman, NY Times

South Korean Stocks, Won Drop After North Tests Nuclear Weapon - Bloomberg
Europe stocks fall amid gloomy German survey, weak autos - MarketWatch
PetroChina buys 45.5% stake in Singapore Petroleum - MarketWatch
Bank of Japan says exports, production bottoming - MarketWatch
Thailand’s GDP Contracts as Exports, Spending Slump - Bloomberg
G8 energy leaders urge stable oil prices - CNN/Money
The (almost) $2.5 trillionaire … - Setser, CFR
China stuck in ‘dollar trap’ - Financial Times

Reality Check On Housing Market - Wash. Post
Job Losses Push Safer Mortgages to Foreclosure - NY Times
Loan Modification Companies To Be Avoided - Mandelman Matters
Realtors are abandoning a listing ship - LA Times

Fed's Fisher says inflation no risk - Reuters
China warns Federal Reserve over 'printing money' - Telegraph
We cannot inflate our way out of this crisis - Munchau, FT
Geithner Dismisses GOP Socialism Charge as 'Ridiculous' - Wash. Post

Tasmanian devils now endangered - BBC
Recession is giving inventors time to fine-tune ideas - LA Times
The Dollar Redisign Project - Ministry of Type
Yosemite's giant trees disappear - BBC


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