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Monday, May 11, 2009

U.S. risks "lost decade" due to half-steps: Krugman - Reuters
Analysts Turning Bearish on S&P 500 After 14% Rally - Bloomberg
3 banks to sell stock to repay bailout money - CNN/Money
California Debt Woes Set to Shoot Higher - Bond Buyer
Where you'll see real recovery first - MSN Money
More companies freeze pensions - USA Today
Rig counts still falling - FT AlpaVille
Long road to a ‘good GM’ filing - FT

Oil Falls From Six-Month High on Supply Concerns - Bloomberg
Meltdown: Gold sales plunge in Dubai, Hong Kong - Commodity Online
Commodity ETF investors move significantly into natural gas - FT AlpaVille
U.S. stock futures drop after strong weekly performance - MarketWatch
How Will Gold Perform in the Coming Equity Crash? - Seeking Alpha
Charting the ’suckers rally’ - FT AlpaVille

Recovery May Start, Then Sputter as Zarnowitz Rule Is Bent - Bloomberg
Economics Was OK, It Was Only the Economists who Failed - Econospeak
Soros says economic downward trend easing: report - Reuters
Economic Anxieties Send Domestic-Abuse Rates Soaring - Alternet
Thousands join Army to escape recession - TimesOnline

Inflation Falls in China - NY Times
The property market - bottomed out? - NZ Herald
Shanghai, Hong Kong lower on valuation worry - MarketWatch
Trichet Says Global Economy Is Near Turning Point - Bloomberg
China's new loan issuance cools to $86 billion in April - MarketWatch
Merkel Spars With Rivals on ‘Toxic’ Bad-Assets - Bloomberg
Worst of UK recession could be over, OECD says - Telegraph
China’s Cheap Pork Could Become Costly - WSJ

New home prices edge lower - Globe & Mail
Data show many shore foreclosures on second homes - Press of Atlantic City
When will housing recover? Depends who is talking! - O.C. Register
Validity of home value Web sites questioned -

Banks Pass Stress Test - Regulators Fail Ethics Test - Hussman Funds
Mortgages Over 5% Mean Fed Purchases as Bonds Slump - Bloomberg
Stress Test Bargaining: Dealing with the Devil? - Option Armageddon
Banks Brace for Credit Card Write-Offs - NY Times

Despite Lower Ratings Cash Flow Rises for ‘Idol’ - NY Times
Central Bank Plans Switch From Copper to Steel Coins - Moscow Times
Boeing Targets $10 Billion Global Market for Leased Drones - Bloomberg
Peel 'em and weep: First-class stamps rise 2 cents - AP


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