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Oil and gold contest update #3

Friday, May 29, 2009

This is update #3 for the "Guess the 2009 Mid-Year Price of Oil and Gold" contest where it was "up and to the right" again this week as crude oil rose 8 percent to $66+ a barrel and the price of gold gained 2 percent to $970 an ounce in trends reminiscent of the pre-crash era.
IMAGE That's fatbear, DLP, and J.C. snuggled up against the yellow diamond indicating today's closing prices and a bit further away are JM, KC, and wkd. The top ten is rounded out by ES, IP, Atox, and ycching while yours truly fell to position #62. Hey, I used to be good at this!

Recall that the winner receives a free one-year subscription to Iacono Research where the model portfolio follows the path of the yellow diamond above "up and to the right", now having gained an impressive 23.1 percent so far in 2009.



LJA said...

As the dollar weakens, that's the direction it goes...
(away from mine at 880/52 or thereabouts)

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