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Sunday, May 10, 2009

U.S. economic growth seen resuming in third quarter - Reuters
GM, union clash as bankruptcy looms for auto giant - AFP
GMAC could get $7.5 bln from U.S. next week - Reuters
Does Gordon Brown's regret selling half of Britains' gold? - Telegraph
Regulators seize Washington-based Westsound Bank - MarketWatch
Fannie Mae needs $19B more in bailout funds after huge loss - LA Times
The Roots of the Financial Crisis: Who Is to Blame? - Public Integrity
GM, Chrysler dealers unwilling to hit the road - LA Times

Berkshire Hathaway reports a $1.5B 1Q loss - AP
Enjoy the rally while it lasts, butexpect to take a sucker punch - Telegraph
Rosenberg: Goodbye, Thank You, Yes It's Just A Sucker's Rally - ClusterStock
Free Fall’s Over, but Where Are We Landing? - NY Times
The Dynamically-Hedged Economy II - Noland, Prudent Bear
Are stocks a loser's bet? - CNN/Money

Life on unemployment - CNN/Money
9 signs the economy is recovering - Daily News
Continuing Claims vs. Economically Lagging Unemployment - TBP
Shift to Saving May Be Downturn’s Lasting Impact - NY Times
Better, but hardly great - LA Times

Bank of England: recovery to be V-shaped - Telegraph
Brown’s Support Withers on Lawmaker Expenses - Bloomberg
Japan minister defends stimulus spending package - AP
Gulf Shares Gain on Oil-Price Rise; Industries Qatar Advances - Bloomberg
China overtakes the US as Brazil's largest trading partner - Telegraph
Middle East Growth to Fall by 50% This Year, IMF Says - Bloomberg
Bank of England braced for third wave of financial crisis - Guardian
MPs' expenses - Telegraph

Risky Mortgage Program Resurfaces - Washington Independent
Road to recovery: Housing market offers bargains - News Press
Buying a house: reasons to do it now, reasons to wait - Chicago Tribune
Housing inventory declines in most markets - Dallas News

Fed cut banks' deficits after negotiations - Reuters
Obama wants Fed to be finance supercop - AP
U.S. to give GMAC substantial support - Reuters
Stress Tests Are Over. The Stress Isn’t. - NY Times

Britain's Brown in a spot of trouble - LA Times
Harvard survey: Swine flu in, affection out - AP
Carnival cruise sailed into a swine flu fiasco - LA Times
When Comets Attack - Popular Mechanics


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