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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Obama hopes for leaner, meaner GM and Chrysler - AP
Lawmakers Blast GM Restructuring - Washington Post
Rates likely to stay low for some time: Fed's Kohn - Reuters
Edmund Andrews Explains Decision to Omit Wife's Bankruptcies - The Atlantic
Gold demand falls in the Middle East and India as it surges elsewhere - TMCNet
State policies work against good fiscal management - LA Times
Dollar stops being Russia's basic reserve currency - Pravda
Two U.S. banks seized, making 36 failures - UPI

Gold bugs at last have their perfect trinity - Telegraph
Why Wall Street is deserting Treasuries and the dollar - LA Times
Gold to touch $1,000 per ounce soon: UBS - Commodity Online
Early retirement claims increase dramatically - LA Times
Beware of Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs) Bearing Gold - 24h Gold
US dollar falls, gold at $950 as green shoots wither - Mineweb

Preview: Goods Orders, Home Sales Probably Rose - Bloomberg
A Quick Recovery? Keep Dreaming - ClusterStock
U.S. Jobless Rate Likely to Pass Europe’s - NY Times
One Ohio town's struggle to survive in hard times - AP
The Spending Trickle - Wash. Post

S&P’s warning marks the next stage of this crisis - Telegraph
Naimi Says He’s ‘Happy’ With OPEC Output Compliance - Bloomberg
Western world is faced with the crude reality of rising oil prices - Telegraph
Venezuela Dollar Bonds Sink on Chavez Takeovers - Bloomberg
India's finance minister Mukherjee vows to protect economy - Reuters
Consumer spending falls at fastest rate since 1980 - Guardian
G8 energy leaders press for oil price stability - Reuters
IMF nudges Canada to step up - Globe & Mail

Amid Housing Bust, Phoenix Begins a New Frenzy - NY Times
Deputies show up when residents must leave foreclosed homes - LA Times
Real estate: Change in mortgage rules lures investors - Florida Today
Truth about the housing market - News of the World

Fed's Kohn defends response to financial crisis - MarketWatch
Geithner Adopts Part of Wall Street Derivatives Plan - Bloomberg
Next Catastrophe: $3.5T In Commercial Real Estate Debt - 24/7 Wall St.
FDIC board votes for more assessments - UPI

Real Soldiers Love Their Robot Brethren - LiveScience
Farms downsize with miniature cows - LA Times
It’s Tee Time. Where Is Everybody? NY Times
Horror story printed on toilet paper in Japan - AP


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