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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Inside Citi's Stress Test: More like an F than a B+ - Time
California treasurer asks U.S. to backstop state borrowing - LA Times
Paulson Told Bankers to Take Taxpayer Aid or Be ‘Exposed’ - Bloomberg
CalPERS: Public employees receive pensions of $100k+ for life - Examiner
GM stock touches $1, lowest since Depression - CNN/Money
Dump these four states from our housing nation - MarketWatch
Once booming, Bend, Oregon tumbles - BusinessWeek
The Almighty Renminbi? - Roubini, NY Times
GM to export China-built cars to US - AP

Oil falls as demand 'set to drop' - BBC
Gold sees next demand boom from Central Banks - Commodity Online
Four ways older Americans can deal with higher inflation rates - MarketWatch
Commodity ETFs and ground rules for investing - Commodity Online
Keeping the 401(k) faith - CNN/Money
A New Normal - El Erian, Pimco

Jobless Claims Jump More Than Forecast - Bloomberg
Producer prices rise 0.3% in April on food prices - MarketWatch
If Consumers Won't Kick-Start the Economy, What Will? - Time
No progress on bloated inventories in March - MarketWatch
In an economic desert, signs of life - MSN Money

Sony makes first loss in 14 years - BBC
Rents Crashing in London to 1991 Prices - Bloomberg
DJ To Investigate Record April Iron Ore Imports - MarketWatch
Spain to Drop Home-Buyers Tax Break, Spur Car Sales - Bloomberg
How China has created a new slave empire in Africa - Mail Online
Buy-to-let landlords struggle to repay their loans - Times Online
Moscow warns of future energy wars - Al Jazeera
Japan 'would avoid dollar bonds' - BBC

Obama Administration Expands Housing Plan - Time
Jumbo Mortgages Stalling Housing Recovery - Truth About Mortgage
Slow Start to U.S. Plan for Modifying Mortgages - LA Times
California Home Prices to Fall Another 36 Percent - Truth About Mortgage

Fed Views Jump in Yields as Sign of Better Outlook - Bloomberg
FOIA Disclosure Busts Paulson, Geithner And Bair - Zero Hedge
Banking crisis may last until 2013, entering a new phase - USA Today
Will Bernanke's rebound have to wait? - MarketWatch

There’s the OUTRAGE: Riverside Man Booby-Traps Foreclosed Home - Mandelman
‘Superfood’ Promoted on Oprah’s Site Robs Amazon Poor of Staple - Bloomberg
Thriving Norway Provides an Economics Lesson - Time
Paris Hilton transforms her pink Bentley - USA Today


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