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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pension safety net's deficit reaches $33.5B - USA Today
Surging China bank loans a concern, Fitch says - AP
Obama to sign credit card crackdown into law - Reuters
More banks may have to be nationalised, says IMF - Telegraph
Greenspan: Banks Still Have a ‘Large’ Capital Requirement - Bloomberg
Painful cost-cutting on the way, lawmakers say - Sacramento Bee
TSI to publish iron ore reference prices daily - Commodity Online
Gold: investor demand soars amid inflation fears - Telegraph

Oil futures pull back from six-month high - MarketWatch
Gold ETFs, scrap supplies drive bullion trade - Commodity Online
Coming Soon: Rhodium Bullion Coins - Gold and Silver Blog
Dollar Is Dirt, Treasuries Are Toast, AAA Is Gone - Bloomberg
Taking Stock of Jim Cramer’s Picks - NY Times
Peak oil under spotlight - EDIE

631K new jobless claims, total benefit rolls 6.7M - AP
Fed Unconvinced Economy’s ‘Stabilization’ to Persist - Bloomberg
Wider Confidence Lifts Economy From Winter's Deep Freeze - Wash. Post
Global Economy Free-Fall May Be Ending, Krugman Says - Bloomberg
The Reasons Fraud Spikes in a Recession - Time

U.K. Credit-Rating Outlook Lowered to ‘Negative’ - Bloomberg
Singapore economy shrinks 14.6 pct in 1st quarter - AP
China is preparing for a world where the yuan trumps the dollar - Telegraph
ECB Said to Have Debated 125 Billion-Euro Asset Package in May - Bloomberg
China sees initial results in boosting domestic demand - CHINADaily
Lloyds offers new lifeline to first-time buyers with 95pc loan - Telegraph
Mexican Economy Shrinks 8.2 Percent in First Quarter - Bloomberg
EU in line for Chinese windfall - CHINADaily

Foreclosures: New Waves Will Hit - Zacks
U.S. Cities With The Most Underwater Mortgages - CNBC
Interest in Purchasing Foreclosed Homes Spikes - Trulia
Housing: Recovering or Not? - BusinessWeek

Fed Reluctant to Guarantee Muni Borrowings - Bloomberg
Treasury Said to Plan Second Bailout for GMAC - NY Times
Fed wins, SEC loses. Is that really a good idea? - Time
Fed Officials Raised Prospect of More Bond Purchases - Bloomberg

Hitler's European Holocaust Helpers - Spiegel Online
Feeling the Squeeze, Exclusive Country Clubs Get the Common Touch - Wash. Post
TV Networks Return to Comedy With ‘Frasier,’ ‘Seinfeld’ Stars - Bloomberg
Couple withdraws money, flees after bank error - AP


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