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Thursday, May 28, 2009

U.S. to Wield Significant Sway Over Reorganized GM - Wash. Post
Two U.S. auto parts makers file for Chapter 11 - Reuters
Chrysler Cures a Bankruptcy, but Tests Loom - NY Times
California healthcare cuts would mean higher costs, possibly deaths - LA Times
Hedge Fund Is Dissolving as It Faces 2nd Inquiry - NY Times
Yield Curve Steepens to Record as Debt Sales Surge - Bloomberg
Einhorn calls AAA rating a curse, shorts Moody's - MarketWatch
America's looming retirement crisis - MSN Money

Oil ministers: OPEC keeps output steady - AP
Gold turns higher as U.S. dollar weakens - Reuters
Bet on the market without going bust - MSN Money
Hey Look! Gold's Still Going Nowhere - ClusterStock
India gold imports fall 50% to 15 tons in May - Commodity Online
Dow Jones industrial average could dump GM - AP

Durable-Goods Orders Rise More Than Forecast - Bloomberg
Initial Jobless Claims Decreased to 623,000 Last Week - Bloomberg
Roubini says U.S. economy may dip again next year - Reuters
Looking for work but finding a scam - MSN Money
April existing home sales inch upward, prices fall - AP

Stimulus money reaching destination - CHINADaily
Japan May Scrap Plan to Prop Up Stock Market - Bloomberg
German law mutes May unemployment rise - MarketWatch
India Ratings Face Pressure on Widening Deficit - Bloomberg
China Is Said to Plan Strict Gas Mileage Rules - NY Times
Japan Retail Sales Fall for Eighth Month on Job Woes - Bloomberg
European economic confidence continues to grow - AFP
What deglobalization might look like - Time

Housing Is Not Just Bad, It's Getting Worse - Time
Has housing hit bottom at last? - MSN Money
Number of Home Sales Rises, but Prices Keep Plummeting - Wash. Post
Condo market fights to recover as prices remain down - USA Today

Bond Carnage, Muddled Inflation Thinking, and Fed Options - Naked Capitalism
U.S. Weighs Single Agency to Regulate Banking Industry - Wash. Post
Fed May Buy More Assets to Bolster Balance Sheet - Bloomberg
Questions Delay Sale Of Toxic Bank Assets - Wash. Post

How to Spend Like a Frugal Millionaire - US News
Costco will accept food stamps at 2 clubs as trial - AP
Latvian Hookers Signal No Recovery for Economy - Bloomberg
A brief history of General Motors Corp. - LA Times


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