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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Automakers, Obama announce mileage, pollution plan - AP
Stock Market: Why Are Financial Stocks Rallying? - Time
Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Goldman to Repay TARP - Bloomberg
Deflation fare thee well, we hardly knew ye – Part I - iTulip
American Express to cut 4,000 jobs - CNN/Money
Central Banks’ Balance-Sheet Balancing Act - WSJ
Diminished Returns - Ferguson, NY Times
Bad Collateral - Kunstler, CFN

Oil above $60 on US economy hopes - BBC
Central Banks drive gold, commodities - Commodity Online
Uncertainty Clouds Outlook for Oil Sector - NY Times
Me, Lord Marlboro and the Dow!? - Saut, Raymond James
Silver Surplus? - Butler, Investment Rarities
Doing the contango - Reuters

Housing construction drops 12.8 percent in April - AP
Recession to cut North American summer electric use - Reuters
How Shoppers Make Decisions in a Recession - Time
Homebuilder sentiment at 8-month high - Reuters
Recession in Perspective - WSJ

Brazil and China eye plan to axe dollar - Financial Times
Britain sinks into deepest deflation since 1948 - Telegraph
China ‘Struggling’ on Weak Exports, Oppenheimer Says - Bloomberg
PetroChina buys stakes in gas companies for $160 million - MarketWatch
China Gold Reserves May Back Yuan Internationalization-Report - WSJ
The pain in Spain will be felt mostly by the banks - FT AlphaVille
Gold ETF booms on Nasdaq Dubai - Commodity Online
After Elections, India Stocks Soar 17% - Time

Homes: Most affordable in 2 decades - CNN/Money
Predicting the California Housing Bottom - Dr. Housing Bubble
Bank-owned homes sell slowly on the coast - O.C. Register
More Signs of High-End Housing Trouble - WSJ

Fannie and Freddie in 'critical' condition - CNN/Money
Dollar Libor Drops Most in Two Months as Markets Thaw - Bloomberg
Book Review of Bailout Nation by Barry Ritholtz - Crossing Wall Street
BIS Report: Central Banks May Be on Cusp of Change - WSJ

How deflation will affect your finances - TimesOnline
Hot Property: Reality show moves to 90210 - LA Land
Sales skyrocket with demand for hand sanitizer - SF Gate
Astronaut Looks at Earth: 'It's Too Beautiful' - LiveScience


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