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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Security Council Condemns North Korea Nuclear Test - Bloomberg
Crunch time looms for GM, Chrysler restructuring - Reuters
Goldman Says ‘Worst Is Over,’ Recommends BHP Billiton - Bloomberg
Angelo Mozilo of Countrywide has several defensive options - LA Times
Moody’s Opens Pandora’s Box on AAA Debt Ratings - Bloomberg
JPMorgan $29B WaMu Windfall - Bloomberg
Commodities a buy - MineWeb

Oil falls below $60 as traders eye economic data - AP
Gold dips on firmer dollar, ignores N.Korea - Reuters
Hottest Oil Options Show 16% Drop as Demand Falls - Bloomberg
Gold ETF holdings begin to climb again as price strengthens - Mineweb
Buy Commodities, Pay Off Debt as Inflation Looms - Bloomberg
Saudia Arabia: $200 Oil In 2 Years - Fortune

The Long Wait for Evidence of a Recovery - Time
Leading Economies Report a Period of Record Decline - NY Times
Beware false dawns, consumer downturn is still in its early stages - Telegraph
Carmakers’ Woes May Cost 6 Million Jobs, Union Says - Bloomberg
Young face 'tough job prospects' - BBC

Russian economic slide worsening - BBC
China to ease controls on investment approval - CHINADaily
Dubai to get back gold reserves from London banks - Commodity Online
Canada’s Flaherty Sees ‘Substantially’ Bigger Deficit - Bloomberg
Europe Feels the Strain of Protecting Workers and Plants - NY Times
German Export Plunge Sparked Economic Slump - Bloomberg
NBS debunks IEA charges - CHINADaily
South Africa goes into recession - BBC

Face-Lift for Foreclosure Prevention - Wash. Post
Real estate bust turns South Dade into ghost town - Miaimi Herald
‘Shadow market’ may undercut real estate rebound - CSM
Home sizes change with the times - LA Times

Fed's Next Task: Reeling In Lifelines - Wash. Post
Lowest Libor Hides ‘Exceptionally Wide’ Bank Spreads - Bloomberg
Lehman Brothers disappeared with Hank Paulson's reputation - NewsWeek
Libor's plunge could trap banks - Telegraph

The Back Story to Bailout Nation - The Big Picture
10 New Sitcoms Meant to Cure the Recession Blues - NY Times
HTC Corp. to sell Android-based phone in China - MarketWatch
Craig Barrett: Goodbye to Intel - BBC

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