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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bank of America May Need About $34 Billion of Capital - Bloomberg
IMF calls for Asia to 'flood' banking system, cut rates - MarketWatch
Bernanke's Outlook a Bit Brighter - Washington Post
GM details plans to wipe out current shareholders - Reuters
Freddie Pressured Over Accounting Disclosure - Wash. Post
When Government Plays Doctor - Ron Paul
Of Fingers And Dikes - Contrary Investor
Monsters, Inc. - The New Yorker

World could be moving to crude at 70$ barrel - Commodity Online
Gold Rises as Investors Increase Commodity Holdings - Bloomberg
Silver bullish, while a natural gas reversal looms - StockHouse
Shiller: Investors Should Buy Stocks, Real Estate - Bloomberg
Gold may plunge on banks’ stress-test results - Commodity Online
Happy days - Breaking Views

Private-sector employment falls by 491,000 in April - MarketWatch
Retail sales likely to improve, but can gains last? - MarketWatch
U.S. Economy: Services Shrank at Slower Pace in April - Bloomberg
As Unemployment Growth Slows, a Recovery Could Stir - NY Times
Kraft’s macaroni cheese sales soaring - FT

Europe Retail Sales Drop by Record as Recession Bites - Bloomberg
Britons face working until 70 to help bring public debt under control - Telegraph
PetroChina Needs as Much as $22 Billion in Financing - Bloomberg
Buy-to-let mortgage schemes down 95pc - Telegraph
Spain Output Falls by Record; Bankruptcies Quadruple - Bloomberg
In Portugal, as in America, a 'Third Way' Is Reemerging - Wash. Post
MONETARISM ENTERS BANKRUPTCY: The burden of elitism - Asia Times
China Construction Falls as Bank of America May Sell - Bloomberg

Almost One-Quarter of U.S. Homeowners Underwater - Bloomberg
More homes get multiple offers; downturn may be nearing end - USA Today
New Menlo Park idea to cut foreclosures - SF Gate
Homeowners pay to sell - Star Bulletin

Fed's Yellen predicts U.S. recovery to be slow - Reuters
Bank Tests Yield Early Progress - Washington Post
Fed's Stern: U.S. must tackle too-big-to-fail firms - Reuters
Bernanke Warns of Danger of Credit Market ‘Relapse’ - Bloomberg

The Shire is in escrow - Bend Bulletin
Bankruptcy Sleuths Find Cash in Receipts for Lap Dancers - Bloomberg
Supreme Court sends back ruling on Janet Jackson - USA Today
Birthmarks Explained - Divine Caroline


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