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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

GM says bondholder offer fails; bankruptcy likely - AP
U.S. Expected to Own 70% of Restructured G.M. - NY Times
Chrysler on Pace for Swift Finish to Restructuring - Wash. Post
The Shadow Banking System and Hyman Minsky’s Journey - Pimco
Americans' credit scores fall as they struggle to pay bills - USA Today
U.S. Inflation to Approach Zimbabwe Level, Faber Says - Bloomberg
Gold still exhibiting its age-old allure - Telegraph
Wishes, Hopes, Fantasies - Kunstler, CFN

Oil rises to 6-month high above $63 - AP
Gold inches down below $950, ETF unchanged - Reuters
Sterling set for more gains as it breaks through $1.60 - Telegraph
Gold, silver surge as buck battered: Got Gold Report - StockHouse
No inflation, zero return from broken I-bonds - MarketWatch
The gold rush - Fund Strategy

U.S. recession to end soon, modest recovery seen - Reuters
Consumer confidence, or consumer hope? - MarketWatch
New Normal of 2% GDP Growth Coincides With Biggs - Bloomberg
Home prices likely to nag, drag at economy - MarketWatch
Consumer confidence soars in May - AP

As Germany Sinks, Its Economic System Is Questioned - NY Times
Japanese Exports Show Modest Signs of Recovery - Reuters
China enters race to buy GM's European operations - Guardian
Bradford & Bingley to Skip Subordinated Bond Interest - Bloomberg
Shandong Province plans vigorous development of gold industry - ChinaMining
Spanish bank to repay $235M it withdrew from Madoff scheme - USA Today
Gold’s share in foreign exchange reserves is 10% - Commodity Online
After Vote, Is It India’s Time to Shine? - NY Times

N.J. home prices haven't hit bottom yet - Star Ledger
Washington Home Prices Fall Again in March - Wash. Post
Housing Hitting Bottom Means Fewest Starts Since 1945 - Bloomberg
Home prices, sales plunge in Bay State -

In Commercial-Property Market, Hope for Revival Takes Hit - WSJ
Signal from the Fed: Low rates are here to stay awhile - Seattle Times
Regional Fed banks worried by outlook in April - Reuters
Treasurys remain under pressure - CNN/Money

Britain's millionaire list shrinks in face of recession - Guardian
Indiana’s Amish, laid off from RV factories, return to their plows - CSM
Restaurants cross lines as they struggle through recession - USA Today
Savings account complaints double in a year - Telegraph


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